May 2014 Polish car market slams a robust 8%. Opel shines.

May 2014 Polish car market slams a robust 8% posting the twelve year on year increse in a row. The market momentum is one of the main even this year inside the European automotive industry with five months sales up 22% from year ago.

In May 2014 accordingly with data released by Polish Automotive Industry Association, total new Car Passengers sold have been 24.499, up 8.8% from year ago. Year to date May sales have been 150.166, up a fantastic 22.6% from year ago.  

Light Commercial Vehicles May sales have been 3.549, up 11.0% with cumulate sales in May at 17.290 reporting a growth of 6.1% from year ago.

Main fact in the May was the great performance posted by Opel that advanced in second place thanks to good sales on Astra, Insigna and Mokka, while Corsa was slow. Following the huge performance scored in April, Toyota was back at a more normal sales level losing almost four points of share.

Skoda in first place sold 3.334 cars with 13.6% of share, up 1.7 points from April. Year to date sales were 20.958 with 14.0% of share, up 1.4 points from 2013. The Octavia reinforced its leadership with 1.014 retails and 4.1% of share.

Opel in second place retailed 2.255 cars with share at 9.2%, up 1.6 points from the previous month with cumulate sales at 10.967 and share at 7.3%, up 0.8 points from last year. Astra advanced in fifth place with 787 sales.

Volkswagen was third selling 2.157 units with 8.8% of share, up 1.3 points from April. Year to date it was second with 15.082 retails and 10.0% of share, up 1.0 points from year ago. The Golf was third and Passat was 16th.

Ford was fourth with 2.113 sales and 8.6% of share, up 1.1 points from the previous month. Year to date sales were 10.886 with 7.2% of share, up 0.4 points from last year. The Focus ranked second with 919 sales.

Toyota was fifth with 1.802 retails and 7.4% of share, down 3.9 points from the previous month with cumulate sales at 14.115 and share at 9.4%, up 1.3 points from last year. The best model was the Auris in 7th place.

Kia was sixth with 1.316 sales and 5.4% of share, up 0.6 points from the previous month, with cumulate sales at 7.402 units.

In the interactive tables below we report the All Brands Ranking and the Best-selling models with related data & statistics:

Rank MayRank YTDBrandSales May 2014Sales YTD 2014Share 2013Share Q1 2014Share AprShare MayShare YTD

Rank MayRank YTDModelSales May 2014Sales Ytd 2014Share 2013Share Q1 2014Share AprShare MayShare YTD
11Skoda Octavia1.0146.4974,0%4,5%3,3%4,1%4,2%
23Ford Focus9194.6442,8%2,9%3,0%3,8%3,0%
36Volkswagen Golf8273.6022,7%1,8%3,3%3,4%2,4%
42Skoda Fabia8184.9604,0%3,2%3,4%3,3%3,2%
58Opel Astra7873.4012,6%1,9%2,4%3,2%2,2%
65Skoda Rapid6783.7861,3%2,5%2,2%2,8%2,5%
74Toyota Auris5514.3592,5%2,9%3,3%2,2%2,8%
87Opel Corsa5483.4021,8%2,1%2,5%2,2%2,2%
913Renault Clio4832.4622,3%1,4%1,9%2,0%1,6%
1010Toyota Yaris4813.1792,7%2,1%2,1%2,0%2,1%
1111Dacia Duster4782.5641,6%1,5%2,0%2,0%1,7%
1215Kia Sportage4222.3542,1%1,4%1,8%1,7%1,5%
1317Nissan Qashqai4152.1561,9%1,2%2,1%1,7%1,4%
1412Skoda Superb3852.5631,2%1,7%1,5%1,6%1,7%
159Volkswagen Passat3723.2781,5%2,6%0,9%1,5%2,1%
1622Opel Insignia3701.8491,0%1,1%1,3%1,5%1,2%
1716Kia Cee’d3642.2991,7%1,6%1,1%1,5%1,5%
1819Hyundai ix353341.9731,7%1,3%1,3%1,4%1,3%
1918Hyundai i303242.0741,9%1,4%1,1%1,3%1,4%
2023Renault Megane3041.8181,2%1,2%1,1%1,2%1,2%
2020Ford Fiesta3041.9531,6%1,2%1,6%1,2%1,3%
2163Citroen C4 Picasso2828480,3%0,4%0,5%1,2%0,6%
2227Citroen Berlingo2741.6601,0%1,2%0,7%1,1%1,1%
2314Volkswagen Tiguan2642.4241,0%2,1%0,3%1,1%1,6%
2424Toyota RAV42621.8091,0%0,9%2,2%1,1%1,2%
2537Ford Mondeo2541.2961,0%0,8%0,7%1,0%0,8%
2633Volkswagen Up!2501.3730,9%0,9%0,8%1,0%0,9%
2869Ford KA2387100,0%0,3%0,6%1,0%0,5%
2944Seat Leon2271.1100,2%0,7%0,7%0,9%0,7%
3062Opel Mokka2248590,3%0,5%0,6%0,9%0,6%

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