Mexico best selling cars. The top 100 in the 2019

Mauritius Cars sales

Mexico best selling cars  year-to-date ranking in the 2019 sees the Nissan Versa leading the scene, while down 6.9%. The Chevrolet Beat conquers the second place, overtaking the Chevrolet Aveo. Remarkable performance scored by the Mazda3 (+23.8%).


Sales have started to decline in the 2017 – ending the year at 1.533.000 (-5%) and then is still on place with all the twelve months of the 2018 losing year on year  and with December marking the 20th consecutive month of year-on-year decline. The full year was reported by A.M.I.A., the Association of Mexican Automotive Industry, at 1.421.885, losing 7.1%.

As far as the year-to-date best-selling models ranking, the Nissan Versa (all versions) has dominated the scene, like in the previous year, having sold so far 14.252 units (-5.2%). The Nissan Versa Note actually is at the end of the life cycle of the second generation, which was introduced in Latin America in the 2013 with immediate success.  Latin American models are built-in Nissan Mexicana SA de CV in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

In 2019 the market was slightly positive in January after 19 consecutive months of decline, with 111.225 sales (+1.9%).  However, in February sales went down again 5.3%, reaching year-to-date registrations 214.917 (1.7%).

In March, the market, with 117.135 units, is still negative (-1.2%), although showing a significant speed reduction. The year-to-date results are negative as well (-1.5%) with 332.052 units.

The market, in April, is declining at an increased pace (-10.7%), registering 98.118 units. As well as in May with sales down 10.8% with 102.094 registrations.

The year-to-date figures are 532.264 (-5.1%).


Market Outlook

After scoring a series of positive year-on-year performances, the Mexican market has fallen down in the past two years. However, sales are seen to be recovering in the 2019-2025 period of time. Being interested to know more, give a look at this updated research. Clicking on the picture, you can see contents.


Competitive Arena

At model-wise, the best-selling model is still the Nissan Versa with 31825 units sold, down 13%.

In second place the Chevrolet Beat a former leader in this country, with 28.510 (+3.7%), followed in third by the Chevrolet Aveo with 27.679  units (+12.2%).

In fourth place the new Nissan NP300 with 24.489 (-13.4%) units ahead of the Nissan March with 21.959 (+0.7%) and the Volkswagen Vento with 19.758 units (-8.2%).

Behind, the Kia Rio with 14.315 sales (+6.9%) followed by the Volkswagen Jetta with 11.696 (-24%), the  Nissan Sentra   with 11.323 (-23.9%) and in 10th place the Mazda 3 with 9.850 (+16.5%).

2019 YTD
May 19
2019 Var
May 19
11Nissan Versa31.8254.440-13,0%-38,1%
23Chevrolet Beat28.5106.2493,7%-3,9%
32Chevrolet Aveo27.6794.85012,2%-20,6%
44Nissan NP30024.4894.907-13,4%-9,1%
56Nissan March21.9593.5590,7%-16,8%
65Volkswagen Vento19.7583.986-8,2%-6,5%
79Kia Rio14.3152.8916,9%14,4%
88Volkswagen Jetta11.6962.297-24,0%-22,6%
97Nissan Sentra11.3231.763-23,9%-39,6%
1110Honda CR-V8.6341.554-18,4%-9,2%
1215Kia Forte7.6161.67911,7%19,0%
1313Ford Figo7.4311.520-20,6%-3,1%
1419Honda HR-V7.4081.507-13,5%-18,7%
1512Nissan Kicks7.3141.505-13,4%-6,8%
1616Toyota Hilux7.3071.324-0,7%-11,0%
1718Nissan X-Trail6.9332.636-3,4%75,7%
1817Kia Sportage6.7851.198-16,5%-15,5%
1911Toyota Yaris6.4231.121-27,5%-30,0%
2023Ford F-Series6.0261.121-3,8%-24,5%
2125Volkswagen Tiguan5.9191.2557,8%30,5%
2220Chevrolet Cavalier5.843999-8,7%-44,5%
2321Chevrolet Trax5.5178687,5%-38,2%
2443Kia Soul5.00498724,5%20,7%
2522Dodge Attitude4.988928-26,0%-39,5%
2655Toyota RAV44.93627495,4%-52,3%
2730Seat Ibiza4.876896-13,4%-14,9%
2834Hyundai Grand i104.8591.1327,1%33,6%
2927Mazda CX-54.84310,8%-99,9%
3024Honda City4.828902-18,8%-21,0%
3126Volkswagen Gol4.7111.009-18,7%-12,0%
3229Hyundai Accent4.565865-18,1%-13,1%
3344Ram 1500-35004.4391.40634,6%126,8%
3442Honda Civic4.34384913,1%15,2%
3533Suzuki Swift4.34291112,3%5,1%
3637Chevrolet Spark4.19785737,1%29,8%
3728Mazda CX-34.098639-18,7%-39,1%
3838Toyota Hiace4.033295-0,1%-69,7%
3935Volkswagen Polo3.971592-7,0%-29,9%
4049Volkswagen Saveiro3.88575530,9%40,3%
4236Renault Duster3.574621-18,1%-27,4%
4356Ford Ranger3.40159941,1%50,5%
4495Renault Oroch3.286527
4557Mitsubishi L2003.28156734,9%12,1%
4632Toyota Prius3.268309-25,5%-66,2%
4741Kia Sorento3.224493-22,4%-45,9%
4840Ram 7003.176574-22,7%-28,8%
4945Hyundai Creta3.149565-20,0%-12,7%
5039Nissan Urvan3.068630-21,7%-23,2%
5152Mitsubishi Mirage3.03374218,8%56,2%
5231Toyota Avanza2.889465-35,7%-51,8%
5346Hyundai Tucson2.730588-10,8%-9,3%
5450Toyota Sienna2.671481-3,7%-24,3%
5563Suzuki Ignis2.52453922,3%42,2%
5668Mercedes GLC2.44553788,4%72,1%
5751Honda BR-V2.41334735,3%-27,9%
5859Suzuki Vitara2.36947011,6%14,1%
5948Chevrolet Silverado2.331567-24,0%-33,6%
6093Mercedes Sprinter2.278579203,7%426,4%
61169Suzuki Ertiga2.172543
6272Toyota Tacoma2.0723791,7%9,5%
6361Mini Cooper2.060357-7,2%-12,1%
6470Peugeot Partner2.0564038,0%13,5%
6569Ford Ecosport1.9773411,2%-9,5%
66119Seat Arona1.857254
6760Ram ProMaster1.815305-18,0%-30,7%
6865Chevrolet Tornado1.805278-20,7%-44,4%
6954Toyota Corolla1.794846-39,8%45,4%
7080Audi A31.73937022,8%-1,3%
7188Jeep Wrangler1.735310-2,6%-12,7%
7274Fiat Mobi1.614285-22,3%-31,2%
7384Toyota C-HR1.56333838,6%6,0%
7478Seat Leon1.542280-2,3%-5,1%
7564Ford Escape1.481253-35,9%-45,6%
7658Volkswagen Golf1.478385-7,6%24,6%
7781Honda Fit1.444378-3,9%-11,7%
7766Volkswagen Transporter1.444415-0,4%57,8%
78168Kia Sedona1.375389
7976Seat Toledo1.373417-32,8%9,2%
8071Hyundai Elantra1.363266-22,9%-33,5%
8183Ford Transit1.34625640,2%21,9%
8292Toyota Camry1.3392949,5%40,7%
8367Honda Accord1.307272-46,9%-42,4%
84132BMW X11.278279356,4%1295,0%
8586Toyota Highlander1.2482663,7%-8,9%
8685Jeep Grand Cherokee1.188211-6,5%-20,7%
87291Renault Kwid1.179893
8862BMW 3 Series1.136101-71,0%-58,6%
89133Mercedes C Class1.074174133,5%335,0%
9091Dodge Journey1.064235-4,7%-1,7%
91101Audi Q51.05721456,4%81,4%
9287Jeep Renegade1.036211-18,9%-11,3%
93104Honda Odyssey1.01917529,0%25,0%
94138BMW X51.01691207,9%-63,6%
9582Renault Sandero988148-38,2%-57,0%
9679Fiat Uno985223-36,2%-29,0%
97102Volkswagen Caddy97122115,7%45,4%
9897Jeep Compass9701963,1%-0,5%
9977Chevrolet Equinox963198-51,7%-52,7%
100118Volkswagen Amarok92325563,4%150,0%