Myanmar auto market boomed over 52% in the first half 2015 fueled by roaring economy.

Myanmar auto market

Myanmar auto market boomed over 52% in the first half 2015 fueled by roaring economy. The market is still in the infancy and this record is just one of the many expected for the next years.

Economic Outlook

Floods caused by heavy monsoon rains and the cyclone that hit July have inundated over a million acres of cropland across Myanmar. Food shortages emerged as a major problem in the wake of the natural disaster, especially in hard-to-reach villages.

Moreover, the severe floods have led the country’s rice traders to halt exports until 15 September to assure adequate supply of rice in the domestic market over fears of a rise in food prices.

While the government has provided over USD 1.2 million to support some of the hardest-hit areas, further aid will be needed for the agricultural sector to recover. The floods also represent a major test for political leaders ahead of the landmark elections to be held on 8 November.

Market Outlook

Fueled by a fast growing GDP and introduction of economic reform, the national automotive sector has just started its path to be one of the largest in South Asia in the 2030.

Actually it is in the infancy and new vehicles dealerships are fighting to take space in the market dominated by distributors of imported vehicles. Main OEMs lobbies are active to involve the government asking for limits in age and emission level for pre.owner imports while asking the respect of after sales procedures for vehicles safety and maintenance.

Meantime the market is growing and following the +24.4% reported in the 2014, in the first half 2015, according to the Road Transport Administration Bureau, sales rose at 2.852 units, +52.8% compared with the correspondent period last year.

Albeit July and August sales should have suffered for floods effects, the entire 2015 sales are projected at the new best, over 5.000 units.

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Rank JunRank 2015BrandJun 2015H1 2015H1 2014Var JunVar H1Share JunShare H1

Rank JunRank H1ModelJun 2015H1 2015Jun VarH1 VarShare JunShare H1
11Suzuki Carry4829051,0%51,0%10,2%10,2%
22Ford Ranger3219075,9%75,9%6,7%6,7%
33Toyota Hilux2716042,9%42,9%5,6%5,6%
44Toyota Hiace2112442,9%42,9%4,4%4,4%
55Toyota Corolla1811066,7%66,7%3,9%3,9%
66Chery QQ18106194,4%194,4%3,7%3,7%
77Mazda CX-5169372,2%72,2%3,3%3,3%
88Chery Tiggo158781,3%81,3%3,1%3,1%
99Toyota Land Cruiser137760,4%60,4%2,7%2,7%
1010Chevrolet Colorado116342,9%42,9%2,2%2,2%