Netherlands best selling cars 2015. Peugeot 308 tops the ranking

Netherlands best selling cars

Netherlands best selling cars 2015 dominated by Peugeot 308 with sales almost doubled from the previous year. This is the first leadership ever at World level for the compact Peugeot.

Accordingly with data released by the Reivereninging, the Dutch Association of Car Manufacturers, in the 2015 the ranking of car passenger’s sold in the country started with the name of Peugeot 308, that advanced 2 spots from the third place in the 2014 almost doubling sales at 28.950 units with 6.5% of market share.

The last generation of Peugeot 308 was launched two years ago and has all of the essential characteristics needed in the C segment, with its compact size (length: 4.25m and height: 1.46m), a spacious interior and a particularly large boot (470 litres below the shelf). It was European Car of the Year in the 2014 but last year that the best ever thanks to a distribution that now cover China as well.

Always on top on Dutch market, this was the first time to take the leadership and this is the only case worldwide.

The second was the traditional leader, the Volkswagen Golf, that reported a positive + 9.8% sales at 18.020 units, indeed very far from the new leader.

Third was the Renault Clio with 17.010 sales (+15.8%) with a wide advantage over the other followers, starting with the Volkswagen Polo with 12.103 (+33.5%), the Volvo V40 with 11.408 (+3.9%) and the Volkswagen Passat with 10.816 (+634%).

In seventh place the Volkswagen Up! with 9.973 (-6.8%) followed by the Mitsubishi Outlander with 9.427 (+13.9%), the Toyota Auris with 8.984 (+16.3% and in 10th place the Ford Fiesta with 8.969 (++3.9%).

The new Citroen Cactus landed in 16th place with 7.114 units while the BMW Series 2 Active Tourer was 31st with 3.639 and the Opel Karl 38th with 3.102.

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Rank 2015Rank 2014Model20152014Var20152014
13Peugeot 30828.95014.360101,6%6,5%3,7%
21Volkswagen Golf18.02016.3979,9%4,0%4,3%
32Renault Clio17.01014.68415,8%3,8%3,8%
47Volkswagen Polo12.1039.06833,5%2,7%2,4%
55Volvo V4011.40810.9853,9%2,6%2,9%
668Volkswagen Passat10.8161.473634,3%2,4%0,4%
76Volkswagen Up!9.97310.698-6,8%2,2%2,8%
811Mitsubishi Outlander9.4278.27513,9%2,1%2,2%
912Toyota Auris8.9847.72316,3%2,0%2,0%
109Ford Fiesta8.9698.6323,9%2,0%2,3%
118Kia Picanto8.8628.872-0,1%2,0%2,3%
1215Audi A38.4757.00321,0%1,9%1,8%
1310Renault Captur7.7188.296-7,0%1,7%2,2%
1424Peugeot 1087.5524.99451,2%1,7%1,3%
1513Peugeot 2087.2217.297-1,0%1,6%1,9%
1658Citroen C4 Cactus7.1141.987258,0%1,6%0,5%
1714Opel Corsa7.0797.201-1,7%1,6%1,9%
1820Nissan Qashqai6.8445.48324,8%1,5%1,4%
1918Volvo V606.6395.91512,2%1,5%1,5%
2035Mercedes C Class6.4482.877124,1%1,4%0,8%
2121Toyota Yaris6.2955.31518,4%1,4%1,4%
2216Fiat 5006.1426.987-12,1%1,4%1,8%
2322Toyota Aygo6.0335.12317,8%1,4%1,3%
2423Ford Focus5.9645.00519,2%1,3%1,3%
254Skoda Octavia5.94313.919-57,3%1,3%3,6%
2630Renault Twingo5.0373.48044,7%1,1%0,9%
2729Hyundai i104.7183.80424,0%1,1%1,0%
2819Citroen C14.4495.744-22,5%1,0%1,5%
2927BMW 3 Series3.9794.251-6,4%0,9%1,1%
3191BMW 2 Series Active Tourer3.639942286,3%0,8%0,2%
3234Opel Astra3.5103.2338,6%0,8%0,8%
3328Peugeot 20083.5084.094-14,3%0,8%1,1%
3343Opel Mokka3.5082.49340,7%0,8%0,7%
3465Skoda Fabia3.5041.506132,7%0,8%0,4%
3525Citroen C33.4364.556-24,6%0,8%1,2%
3632Citroen C4 Picasso3.3303.366-1,1%0,7%0,9%
3737Mitsubishi Space Star3.1402.67217,5%0,7%0,7%
38241Opel Karl3.102-0,7%0,0%
39194Suzuki Celerio3.064585182,8%0,7%0,0%
4017Seat Leon2.9816.518-54,3%0,7%1,7%
4140Mazda CX-52.9532.56914,9%0,7%0,7%
4226Fiat Panda2.8534.433-35,6%0,6%1,2%
4399Ford Mondeo2.825809249,2%0,6%0,2%
4470Seat Ibiza2.7931.45492,1%0,6%0,4%
45214Volvo XC902.778270,6%0,0%
4657Ford C-max2.7412.01436,1%0,6%0,5%
4760Hyundai i202.7161.87844,6%0,6%0,5%
4833Kia Rio2.6233.296-20,4%0,6%0,9%
4955BMW 1 Series2.4912.05821,0%0,6%0,5%
5042BMW 5 Series2.3832.529-5,8%0,5%0,7%
5145Seat Mii2.3572.477-4,8%0,5%0,6%
5266volkswagen Golf Sportsvan2.3161.48755,7%0,5%0,4%
5364Kia Sportage2.2571.52148,4%0,5%0,4%
5461Opel Zafira2.2481.81623,8%0,5%0,5%
5548Audi A42.2262.1772,3%0,5%0,6%
5674Audi A62.2191.34565,0%0,5%0,4%
5756Renault Mégane2.1582.0167,0%0,5%0,5%
5867Kia Cee’d2.0951.47841,7%0,5%0,4%
5953Mercedes A Class2.0632.096-1,6%0,5%0,5%
6031Suzuki Alto1.9883.445-42,3%0,4%0,9%
6144Opel Meriva1.9532.491-21,6%0,4%0,6%
6241Nissan Note1.9492.533-23,1%0,4%0,7%
6380BMW 4 Series1.9381.24256,0%0,4%0,3%
6438Opel Insignia1.9352.619-26,1%0,4%0,7%
6546Volvo V701.9162.389-19,8%0,4%0,6%
6650Mercedes B Class1.9042.160-11,9%0,4%0,6%
6759Skoda Citigo1.8111.954-7,3%0,4%0,5%
6851Fiat Punto1.8082.149-15,9%0,4%0,6%
6969Tesla Model S1.8051.46523,2%0,4%0,4%
7097Skoda Superb1.80291297,6%0,4%0,2%
7190Mitsubishi ASX1.79297284,4%0,4%0,3%
7347Audi A11.7792.246-20,8%0,4%0,6%
7449Suzuki Swift1.7772.162-17,8%0,4%0,6%
75241Suzuki Vitara1.747-0,4%0,0%
7654Dacia Logan1.7182.078-17,3%0,4%0,5%
7776Kia Venga1.6001.31721,5%0,4%0,3%
7882Ford KA1.5291.12635,8%0,3%0,3%
7963Ford B-Max1.4471.726-16,2%0,3%0,5%
80241Mazda CX-31.375-0,3%0,0%
81105BMW X51.34376076,7%0,3%0,2%
82161Porsche Cayenne1.308154749,4%0,3%0,0%
8283Opel Adam1.3081.12516,3%0,3%0,3%
8375Volvo XC601.2981.338-3,0%0,3%0,3%
8479Mercedes CLA1.2751.2492,1%0,3%0,3%
8593Nissan Juke1.25592136,3%0,3%0,2%
86241Renault Kadjar1.250-0,3%0,0%
8785Lexus CT1.2401.04918,2%0,3%0,3%
8873Citroen ds31.2241.358-9,9%0,3%0,4%
8971Renault Scénic1.0981.431-23,3%0,2%0,4%
90156Nissan Pulsar1.085170538,2%0,2%0,0%
9181Mercedes E Class1.0631.137-6,5%0,2%0,3%
9196Hyundai ix201.06391316,4%0,2%0,2%
9272Peugeot 5081.0571.400-24,5%0,2%0,4%
93195Smart Forfour1.056560,2%0,0%
9477Skoda Rapid1.0551.294-18,5%0,2%0,3%
96101Volkswagen Touran1.01480326,3%0,2%0,2%
98108Hyundai i3099973436,1%0,2%0,2%
99226Fiat 500X987100,2%0,0%
10095Dacia Sandero9679175,5%0,2%0,2%