Netherlands best selling cars. The top 100 in 2019

Netherlands best selling cars year-to-date has the Volkswagen Polo back on top, just few units ahead of the Ford Focus, up an astonishing 71.7%. The Opel Astra and the Kia Niro grow in double-digit.


According to data released by the RAI Vereeniging, the Dutch Association of Car Manufacturers, in the 2018 car passenger’s sales grew up at 446.589, improving by 7.7% from the 2017.

However, during the year the almost positive first half was followed by a less positive trend in the second, influenced by WLTP introduction as well, with recent months all negative and a 2019 outlook uncertain.

In the 2019 kept the previous year’s negative trend with January sales down a huge 19.6% and 47.272 units. February’s market, still following the same line, recorded year-to-date 77.219 units (-18%). The market registered a negative trend in March as well, showing the first quarter sales down 14.7% with 116.346 units.

In April sales, despite the significant speed reduction, are still negative (-3.3%) with 33.149. Even still negative, in May the trend experiences a further speed reduction (-0.3%) with 36.830 units.

The year-to-date registrations are at 186.225 (-10.3%).


The year-to-date best-selling car was the Volkswagen Polo, down 19.4%, with 5.726 units.

In second, the Ford Focus, with 5.518 (+71.7%) ahead of the Opel Astra with 5.094 (+51.5%).

In fourth place the Volkswagen Golf with 4.768 units (+2.6%) followed by the Kia Picanto with 4.670 (-7.9%) the new Ford Fiesta with 3.833 (-30%) and the Kia Niro with 3.819 (+53.9%) .

In eight place  the Peugeot 108 with 3.789 (+0.6%) ahead of the Tesla Model3 with 3.593 units and the Opel Karl with 3.398 (-27.7%).

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2019 YTD
May 19
2019 Var
May 19
11Volkswagen Polo5.7261.237-19,4%-18,6%
217Ford Focus5.51891071,7%136,4%
311Opel Astra5.09481051,5%54,9%
47Volkswagen Golf4.7686142,6%-6,4%
53Kia Picanto4.670843-7,9%-7,1%
64Ford Fiesta3.833762-30,0%-23,9%
719Kia Niro3.81997753,9%89,3%
88Peugeot 1083.7897470,6%11,0%
9245Tesla model 33.593419
105Opel Karl3.3981.001-27,7%29,0%
112Renault Clio3.389842-31,4%-0,2%
1210Toyota Aygo3.290697-1,8%15,4%
136Volkswagen Up!3.162603-31,2%-26,5%
1431volkswagen T-Roc3.06747555,4%8,7%
1514Skoda Octavia2.912494-5,8%2,5%
1658Hyundai Kona2.607605181,5%255,9%
1727Peugeot 30082.56838417,7%4,6%
1815Peugeot 2082.447430-27,9%-38,7%
1922Volkswagen Tiguan2.428479-22,7%13,8%
2012Toyota Yaris2.410493-27,4%-37,8%
2116Nissan Qashqai2.338415-9,1%2,2%
2226Volvo V402.302415-13,3%30,1%
239Renault Captur2.250469-34,8%-24,1%
2436Opel Crossland X2.1775799,5%71,3%
2538Volvo V602.15140764,6%36,1%
2620Opel Corsa2.149280-20,9%-22,0%
2735Citroen C12.1313040,9%-18,1%
2740BMW 3 Series2.13157944,0%118,5%
2842Opel Grandland X2.10046950,8%28,5%
3052Volvo XC402.068368256,6%50,8%
3130Citroen C31.882386-12,7%-5,6%
3232Peugeot 3081.866309-3,7%-13,7%
3349Mercedes A Class1.68428151,3%20,1%
3313Renault MŽgane1.684377-46,2%-48,7%
3424Fiat 5001.650160-21,3%-60,4%
3528Nissan Micra1.615432-24,1%22,7%
3633Mazda CX-51.557276-26,8%-13,8%
3718Hyundai i101.551370-51,0%-27,5%
3843Skoda Fabia1.513280-16,3%-29,1%
3950Mercedes C Class1.463283-1,1%-12,4%
4023Toyota C-HR1.423270-38,5%-40,5%
4153Seat Ibiza1.421299-10,4%20,1%
4241Nissan Leaf1.37012636,3%-52,3%
4344Mitsubishi Space Star1.366209-21,1%-18,0%
4451Peugeot 50081.3321990,8%-13,5%
4437Audi A31.332212-26,2%-9,4%
4545BMW 5 Series1.292265-27,2%19,9%
4646Suzuki Swift1.2742722,3%25,9%
4747BMW 1 Series1.267197-8,1%-19,6%
4876Kia CeeÕd1.22216710,6%-65,7%
4982Mercedes CLA1.19020635,4%32,1%
5084Skoda Karoq1.18523561,9%-18,4%
5129Peugeot 20081.172261-47,5%-42,9%
52114Toyota RAV41.168428166,7%319,6%
53245Toyota Corolla1.154388
5572Seat Arona1.08623018,0%48,4%
56111Mitsubishi Outlander1.047125149,3%111,9%
5756Suzuki Ignis1.039208-5,5%3,5%
5857Seat Leon1.038222-16,0%-4,3%
5969Hyundai i201.013170-2,5%-11,0%
6068BMW X1975125-2,7%-15,0%
6194Seat Ateca97330222,2%77,6%
6273Audi A1967133-1,9%5,6%
6377Mazda CX-3966132-15,1%-32,3%
6467Ford Ecosport9302891,2%8,2%
65164BMW X5906167473,4%778,9%
6655Volvo XC60896109-38,3%-59,0%
6788BMW i388716482,9%62,4%
6871BMW 2 Series Active Tourer879136-8,2%15,3%
6992Skoda Kodiaq84616330,6%85,2%
7025Renault Twingo83779-57,5%-74,0%
7154Volkswagen Passat828194-38,7%3,2%
7293Mini Countryman81111019,1%17,0%
7370Citroen C3 Aircross806196-21,0%21,0%
7360Mercedes B Class806209-21,8%53,7%
7474Hyundai Ioniq802170-17,5%45,3%
7561Audi A4800145-43,5%-19,4%
7686Citroen C4 Cactus799153-5,9%57,7%
7781Suzuki Celerio789131-18,0%-19,1%
7878Skoda Superb765191-30,3%45,8%
7980Kia Stonic744195-34,6%12,7%
80113Renault Zoe72818068,9%195,1%
8185Opel Insignia727139-8,3%29,9%
8289BMW 4 Series722107-4,5%-10,1%
8364Renault Kadjar721195-28,3%-8,9%
84245Citroen C5 Aircross717228
85108Suzuki Vitara6829521,8%43,9%
8666Skoda Citigo657167-52,7%50,5%
8762Ford Kuga65093-58,0%-75,4%
88104BMW X364294100,6%1,1%
8991Audi Q262284-18,5%21,7%
8963Renault ScŽnic622136-44,9%-57,0%
90100Audi A558695-17,1%-5,0%
9187Mercedes E Class561101-32,7%-17,9%
92192Peugeot 50850688633,3%700,0%
9359Toyota Auris48853-57,0%-78,3%
94109Mini Clubman48577-2,4%-33,6%
95111Mitsubishi ASX48338-18,5%-65,8%
9695Citroen C4 Picasso475123-40,6%-27,2%
97105Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross46899-32,6%62,3%
9865Kia Sportage44556-66,5%-76,7%
99142Audi Q3439133164,5%358,6%
99107Dacia Duster4391255,3%-6,7%
10098Volvo V9043183-42,8%7,8%