Netherlands. Best selling cars ranking in the 2019

Netherlands best-selling car in 2019 was the new Tesla Model 3 with 6.7% of market share. The country is the second after Norway to be led by a pure EV model. In second place, the Volkswagen Polo, ahead of the Opel Astra and the Ford Focus, which held respectively 2.7% and 2.4%.

Differently from the most of European markets, the Dutch is not dominated by a model or a group of model, and in the recent years the best-selling model has changed any year. In 2019 again the leader was new and for the first time in the history of this market it was not a vehicle with a combustion engine, but is an electric vehicle, the new Tesla Model 3. The Netherlands is the second in the World to have a pure EV on top of the list, after Norway, while in Japan the leader use to be a hybrid model since years.

Tesla Model 3 was on top of the list despite launched during the Q1 of the 2019 and despite the availability is short with monthly sales oscillating from 1.6000 to less than 300, depending on delivery from the US. However this model ended the year on top, with a wide advantage over all others.

In second place the 2018 leader, the Volkswagen Polo, with a market share of 2.9%, declining from last year, and in third the Opel Astra with 2.7% of share. At best level in the decade the fourth model in the ranking as well, the Ford Focus, while the Volkswagen Golf was at the lowest peak in this decade, waiting for next year recovery, with the 8th generation.

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Rank 2019Rank 2018ModelSales 20192019 VarDecember SalesDecember var
1240Tesla Model 36,73%12053
21Volkswagen Polo2,90%-11,4%35730,3%
32Opel Astra2,69%-16,6%80-89,8%
417Ford Focus2,36%71,9%524238,1%
58Volkswagen Golf2,08%-4,4%791187,6%
619Kia Niro2,08%57,8%671366,0%
73Renault Clio2,02%-24,9%7264,9%
85Ford Fiesta1,99%-18,3%6580,2%
911Toyota Aygo1,95%13,7%87370,2%
109Peugeot 1081,87%-6,0%479-18,8%
114Kia Picanto1,80%-27,2%161-54,6%
126Opel Karl1,79%-21,7%0-100,0%
1358Hyundai Kona1,61%182,2%1121396,0%
147Volkswagen Up!1,60%-29,1%24561,2%
1536Opel Crossland X1,39%58,6%303233,0%
1612Toyota Yaris1,37%-12,3%67548,0%
1714Skoda Octavia1,34%-9,0%36293,6%
1810Renault Captur1,28%-27,3%893120,5%
1922Volkswagen Tiguan1,25%5,4%246515,0%
2031volkswagen T-Roc1,21%25,7%955,6%
2116Nissan Qashqai1,18%-15,1%3337,1%
2240BMW 3 Series1,14%47,4%309505,9%
2315Peugeot 2081,11%-23,9%322163,9%
24240Toyota Corolla1,08%285
2527Peugeot 30081,07%5,4%80-49,7%
2618Hyundai i101,04%-21,9%556151,6%
2742Opel Grandland X1,02%35,4%384398,7%
2835Citroen C11,01%7,5%185-17,8%
2952Volvo XC401,00%58,3%17556,3%
3026Volvo V401,00%-2,4%98-21,6%
3149Mercedes A Class0,96%45,5%26274,7%
33240Audi A3 e-Tron0,93%320
3433Mazda CX-50,92%-3,6%624258,6%
3530Citroen C30,87%-10,8%104-34,2%
3641Nissan Leaf0,85%12,8%1075313,5%
3732Peugeot 3080,85%-11,2%39-50,0%
3813Renault Mégane0,83%-44,5%123-48,1%
3923Toyota C-HR0,83%-21,6%35747,5%
4038Volvo V600,82%3,1%69-51,4%
41240volkswagen T-Cross0,81%230
4220Opel Corsa0,77%-41,5%103-49,8%
4353Seat Ibiza0,72%15,8%100122,2%
4443Skoda Fabia0,72%-4,4%116-20,0%
4528Nissan Micra0,72%-27,7%121-7,6%
4651Peugeot 50080,72%10,2%30-69,1%
4737Audi A30,69%-20,2%21-63,2%
4892Skoda Kodiaq0,65%91,4%323223,0%
4847BMW 1 Series0,65%-3,5%240114,3%
4924Fiat 5000,64%-38,5%106-34,6%
5088BMW i30,64%77,3%768182,4%