Nigeria 2017. Market collapsed losing two-third of volume

Nigerian Cars Market Isuzu-D-Max-2017

Nigerian Cars Market collapsed in the 2017 losing two-third of 2016 volume and landing at 11.000 – including HCVs – almost one fifth of 2014 record. The market is in an embarrassing chaos, with huge cost for import and no room for local production.

Nigerian economic recovery is gaining steam, although activity is still weak. GDP growth picked up pace in the third quarter due to faster growth in the oil sector, however, the rest of the economy performed poorly. Available data for the fourth quarter suggests that the economy is gaining traction: The PMI rose to a multi-year high in December and higher oil prices throughout the quarter bode well for oil production revenues.

Considered the new gold mine for the African automotive sector just 36 months ago, actually the Nigerian automotive industry is enveloped in an embarrassing chaos. While the Government has released near 30 licenses to build vehicles locally, no one of them has been used after that market dropped from over 50k to a 2017 projection of only 12k (including HCVs).

The NAIP (Nigerian Automotive Industry Development Plan) launched in the 2013 has progressively increased all duties and taxes on vehicles imported while providing incentives to local made vehicles. Considering the local production is still at 2k, the result of this policy was to force OEMs to increase new vehicles price while the country was hit by the deep recession created by the fall of oil prices.

Results are a fall on vehicles sales from 52.000 in the 2014 at 11.743 in the 2017.

  Sales 2012 Sales 2013 Sales 2014 Sales 2015 Sales 2016 Sales 2017 Sales 2018 e
Car+LCV 49.159 50.201 52.915 44.458 32.693 9.907 11.629
HCV 2.555 3.291 4.099 4.395 3.439 1.836 2.120
Total 51.714 53.492 57.014 48.853 36.132 11.743 13.749

  2012 Var 2013 Var 2014 Var 2015 Var 2016 Var 2017 Var 2018 var e
Car+LCV -13,0% 2,1% 5,4% -16,0% -26,5% -69,7% 17,4%
HCV -0,8% 28,8% 24,6% 7,2% -21,8% -46,6% 15,5%
Total -12,5% 3,4% 6,6% -14,3% -26,0% -67,5% 17,1%

All brands are heavily losing, with the market leader Toyota down 75.0% at 2.663 sales.

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