In Norway Tesla S market leader in March 2014. See All Brands & Models ranking.

In Norway Tesla S was market leader in March 2014 hitting a new all time record for single model sales in a month. Phenomenal!

Accordingly with data released by Opplysningsrådet for Veitrafikken AS, in March 2014 new passengers cars sold in Norway have been 13.861, a robust 29.1% increase from last year that follows slow start of the year. The monthly increase was related with two main facts: the comparison with March 2013 that was not a  strong month and the arrival of supply for many electric vehicles with the opportunity for carmakers to deliver many orders in portfolio. First quarter ended with 36.492 retails, up 8.3% from year ago and project the year at a possible all time record volume.

Norway kept to be a different planet as far as car market, due to the free-tax policy applied by the Government in favour of electric vehicles. This in cash means that a car like a Nissan Leaf cost in Norway the half than in Germany and just a little more than a “normal” Micra diesel. Results are somehow unbelievable and confirm that electric vehicles would be easy welcomed by many families all around the World, when price would be competitive.

This month, Tesla Motors Inc. shattered Ford’s 28-year-old record of selling the most number of cars in Norway in a calendar month. Ford Motor Company had previously record sales were 1,454 Sierra sedans in a month in 1986 in Norway.

The electric spider, Tesla S-model was the best-selling model with 1.493 retails with share at 10.8%, more than double than the immediate followers, Volkswagen Golf, Toyota Auris and Volkswagen Up!. The beauty S-model – voted by Focus2move as 2013 Car of the Year ended the quarter in first place with over 2k sales and 5.6% of share.

Others EV vehicles in top 10 were the “old” Nissan Leaf, 5th in March and 3rd in Q1, the Mitsubishi Outlander, 9th in March and the BMW i3, 10th in March.

As far as regards Brands ranking, Volkswagen was again the first but Tesla jumped in second in March (6th in the quarter) ahead of Toyota, BMW and Nissan.

In the interactive tables below you can sort thru the All brands and Best-selling models as you like:

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