Open Business Doors and Fly.

Opening Business Doors and Fly is much more than a Research and it is always customized on our Client business purposes. This product consists in four phases.

We start spending time to fully understand the Clients scope and business objective in order to further a simple “scope of work”.

Then, we conduct a deep and focused research over a specific target (usually a new country for a Manufacturers or a new Brand for an Importer) focused on doing business in the automotive sector in a specific country. 

Matching Client’s objective and market reality we define a Business Project., including plans for sales, marketing, after sales, locations, people, network development, territory coverage, after sales , public relation with the final target to open winning business doors for the Client.

Finally and when customer specifically requires, we stay there with him, assisting in the business negotiation and in the operations start-up.

This is the most difficult activity we have finalized so far and in order to keep our 100% delivery track, all these tasks are directly developed and controlled by our Managing Partner. Considering that frequently on these subjects high discretion is required, he is directly following this project from the start.

If you are interested on evaluating our capability on this subject, please mail directly to our MP at


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