Pakistan vehicles sales in 2015 at new All Time Record.

Pakistan vehicles sales in 2015

Pakistan vehicles sales in 2015 celebrates the New All Time Record, first time above the 200.000 units thanks to  a roaring sales speed fueled by macroeconomic stability and positive perspectives.

Economic Outlook

Following the 2013 balance of payment crisis, Pakistan’s macroeconomic stability has improved in the past two years. The economy likely performed well this year and will pick up some steam in 2016, supported by solid investment against the backdrop of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, which aims to enhance infrastructure and prop up the country’s struggling power sector.

Healthy household spending, which is supported by remittances inflows, will also help keep growth on track. In the political arena, there are signs that Pakistan and India will soon resume peace talks.

Market Outlook

Pushed up by macroeconomic stability and growing consumer confidence, the automotive industry in Pakistan reported a substantial increase during all the calendar year 2015 with final volume above the 200.000 units, first time ever.

The data actually do not include new vehicle imported (estimated in the range of 50.000 units) but only the few locally produced. The last was the 17th year-on-year growth while the sensational fact is the level of the growth.

The market is rocketing at an impressive speed with the last quarter boomed over 60%. According to data released by the P.A.M.A., the Pakistani Automotive Manufacturers Association, the total new light passengers vehicles sold in Pakistan during the 2015 had been 220.485, up 56.9% from the previous year, 50.000 more than the previous record of the 2012.

Perspective are still very positive with 2016 volume projected above 270.000 vehicles.

Suzuki was market leader with 128.346 sales, +71.4% ahead of Toyota (65.190 sales, +54.7%) and Honda (26.511 sales, +17.2%). Albeit strong increase of Suzuki’s models, the Toyota Corolla confirmed the leadership with 59.018 sales (+59.8%).

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank DecRank 2015BrandSales DecSales 2015Dec Var2015 VarShare DecShare 2015
Rank DecRank 2015ModelSales DecSales 2015Dec Var2015 VarShare DecShare 2015
11Toyota Corolla4.29759.01810,7%59,8%23,7%26,8%
24Suzuki Ravi3.69033.008183,6%148,8%20,3%15,0%
33Suzuki Bolan3.19034.175150,6%142,8%17,6%15,5%
42Suzuki Mehran2.87035.48937,1%24,5%15,8%16,1%
56Suzuki Cultus1.68514.73542,6%5,0%9,3%6,7%
65Honda City75018.53045,1%36,7%4,1%8,4%
78Suzuki WagonR7037.437260,5%336,2%3,9%3,4%
89Toyota Hilux4005.531106,2%30,6%2,2%2,5%
97Honda Civic2787.98160,7%-8,4%1,5%3,6%
1010Suzuki Swift2463.52622,4%-19,8%1,4%1,6%
1111Toyota Fortuner4164195,2%22,3%0,2%0,3%