Philippines Vehicles Sales Statistics reported a new record in H1 2015.

Philippines Vehicles Sales Statistics

Philippines Vehicles Sales Statistics reported a new record in H1 2015 despite June sales fell 4% first time after 19th winning times. The year is foreseen on the sky. Toyota Vios is the best-selling model.

Economic Outlook

Economic growth was weaker than expected in Q1 and slowed to 5.2% as it was restrained by sluggish exports and government spending. More recent data sent mixed signals: while remittances growth sped up slightly in May, exports recorded a steep drop.

In July, President Benigno Aquino approved the record USD 66 billion budget proposal for 2016—his last year in office—which envisages a spending increase of 15% over 2015.

Improving the country’s underdeveloped infrastructure, which is essential for growth in the medium and longer term, along with social welfare programs remain the focal points.

However, it is uncertain whether the next administration will actually be able to fully implement planned initiatives as the government has fallen short of spending targets since 2011, partly owing to bureaucratic hurdles.

Market Outlook

The automotive sector in Philippines is booming since over ten years albeit still poor infrastructures. However, despite the impressive speed of the growth with market booming at three-time the 2007 level, the propellent for growth is not over and future perspectives are still among the most brilliant worldwide.

After that in the 2014 the market hit again a record with sales above 269.000 units jumping in the 36th world place, in the current year the run looks unstoppable.

Indeed in the first quarter the market reported an astonishing +32.1%.

According to the report issued by the joint Marketing Committee of the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI) and the Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA),  in the second quarter the market scored again positive growth with April sales up 30.7%, May up 2.7% and June down 4.3%, breaking a winning series of 19th month.

During the first half of the year total vehicles sold had been 152.091, up 20.5% and projecting a full year at a new record of 310.000 units.

Competitive Arena

Despite losing 17.5% in June, Toyota reported a very strong first half with sales at a record level of 57.717 units (+20.0%) and market share at 37.9%.

Mitsubishi was second with 25.198 sales, only +0.5% with 16.6% of market share followed by Hyundai with 10.689 sales (-8.3%), Ford with 10.427 (+17.6%) and Isuzu with 10.169 (+44.7%).

As far as the car group’s performance, Toyota dominate with 38.2% of market share in the first half, followed by Mitsubishi at 16.6%,  Hyundai Group at 10.2% and Ford at 6.9%.

As far as best-selling models, four out of the top five models are branded Toyota. The best in the first half was the Vios with 14.878 sales (+16.4%) followed by the Fortuner with 8.744 (+4.7%), the Innova with 8.028 (+8.2%) and the Hiace with 7.706 (+87.1%). Before the Wigo (5th with 5.484 units) arrived the Mitsubishi Montero with 6.270.

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will report year to date data updated.

Rank JunRank 2015BrandJun 2015H1 2015H1 2014Var JunVar H1Share JunShare H1
Rank JunRank H1GroupJun 2015H1 2015Var JunVar H1Share JunShare H1
45Isuzu Motors1.67010.16932,4%44,7%8,3%6,7%
99General Motors6333.9911,1%-1,8%3,1%2,6%
Rank JunRank H1ModelJun 2015H1 2015Jun VarH1 VarShare JunShare H1
11Toyota Vios2.48014.87816,4%16,4%10,8%10,8%
22Toyota Fortuner1.4578.7444,7%4,7%6,3%6,3%
33Toyota Innova1.3388.0288,2%8,2%5,8%5,8%
44Toyota Hiace1.2847.70687,1%87,1%5,6%5,6%
55Mitsubishi Montero1.0456.270-22,6%-22,6%4,5%4,5%
66Toyota Wigo9145.484129,3%129,3%4,0%4,0%
77Mitsubishi Mirage G47794.67354,6%54,6%3,4%3,4%
88Mitsubishi L3007474.4803,3%3,2%
99Ford Ranger7214.32747,6%47,7%3,1%3,1%
1010Ford Ecosport6884.133381,1%381,7%3,0%3,0%
1111Honda City6193.71313,9%13,9%2,7%2,7%
1212Hyundai Accent6073.64480,3%80,3%2,6%2,6%
1313Toyota Hilux6073.6396,6%6,6%2,6%2,6%
1414Toyota Avanza6003.597-2,2%-2,2%2,6%2,6%
1515Hyundai Eon5003.00211,2%11,2%2,2%2,2%
1616Mitsubishi Adventure4762.854-10,9%-10,9%2,1%2,1%
1717Mitsubishi Mirage4722.83426,9%26,9%2,1%2,1%
1818Mitsubishi Strada4162.49569,5%69,5%1,8%1,8%
1919Suzuki Ertiga3972.3811,7%1,7%
2020Toyota Corolla3732.236-11,0%-11,0%1,6%1,6%

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