Poland Best Selling Car. The top 50 in the 2018

Poland Best Selling Car

Poland Best Selling Car ranking in 2018 is dominated by the Skoda Octavia, back on top after the last year break, despite the model is aged and the new generation is near. Impressive performances registered by the Toyota Yaris and the Auris.

In the 2018, the Car Passenger’s market kept growing. The steady growth of past years, have continued for the sixth time in a row, closing with 534.683 sales (+9.3%). The deadline of September 1st for introduction of WLTP emission standard, moved up and down the registrations data in single Q3 months. However, it is the first time the polish market reaches 600.000 annual units, including light commercials.

As far as the 2018 best selling cars ranking, following the lost of the throne suffered last year, the Skoda Octavia, is back on top of the list with 21.125 sales (+12.5%). The popular compact car produced by Skoda in Czech Republic since 1996 is actually at the third generation (since 2012) and is still on demand despite the style is a little updated and the next generation is near.

In second place the 2017 leader, the Skoda Fabia, with 19.849 sales (+2.9%).

In the third step of the podium the Opel Astra at 15.282 (-3.6%) followed by the Volkswagen Golf with 14.190 (+7.3%), the Toyota Yaris with 14.038 (+10.7%), the Toyota Auris with 12.073 (+14.6%) and the Ford Focus with 11.126 units (+1.9%).

In eight place the Skoda Rapid with 9.892 units (+3.9%) followed by the Dacia Duster with 9.846 (+3.2%) and in 10th place by the Volkswagen Passat with 9.192 (-1.6%).

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Rank 2018Rank 2017ModelSales 2018Sales 2017'+/- 2018
12Skoda Octavia21.12518.77512,5%
21Skoda Fabia19.84919.2962,9%
33Opel Astra15.28215.858-3,6%
44Volkswagen Golf14.19013.2247,3%
55Toyota Yaris14.03812.67910,7%
67Toyota Auris12.07310.53914,6%
76Ford Focus11.12610.9151,9%
810Skoda Rapid9.8929.5243,9%
99Dacia Duster9.8469.5383,2%
1011Volkswagen Passat9.1929.342-1,6%
1113Nissan Qashqai8.5378.0366,2%
128Renault Clio8.3549.855-15,2%
1314Hyundai Tucson8.0667.6365,6%
1412Fiat Tipo8.0598.433-4,4%
1515Skoda Superb8.0457.25210,9%
1619Toyota Corolla7.5096.00425,1%
1717Toyota C-HR7.3556.08021,0%
1821Volkswagen Tiguan6.8475.62521,7%
1923Dacia Sandero6.4465.01028,7%
2016Opel Corsa6.1276.593-7,1%
2118Kia Sportage6.0826.0111,2%
2225Seat Leon6.0384.89123,5%
2322Kia Cee’d5.8545.3808,8%
2420Renault Mégane5.5335.783-4,3%
2534Volkswagen Polo5.3583.92336,6%
2626Toyota RAV44.8924.7662,6%
2731Hyundai i204.4584.3462,6%
2836Ford Fiesta4.4423.51126,5%
2938Skoda Citigo4.3843.37729,8%
3024Volvo XC604.3534.966-12,3%
3140Toyota Aygo4.3083.25432,4%
3241Opel Insignia4.2733.22432,5%
3339Hyundai i304.2493.35526,6%
3427Toyota Avensis4.1094.630-11,3%
3533Renault Captur3.9604.048-2,2%
3629volkswagen Golf Sportsvan3.9494.572-13,6%
3735Suzuki Vitara3.7643.5884,9%
3844Citroen C33.7523.19417,5%
3983Skoda Karoq3.6881.706116,2%
4028Ford Mondeo3.6574.592-20,4%
4137Mercedes GLC3.5923.4145,2%
4230Opel Mokka3.5604.531-21,4%
4369Mazda CX-53.5392.27955,3%
4456Mazda CX-33.4942.77326,0%
4550Skoda Kodiaq3.4762.94218,2%
4661Dacia Dokker3.4642.69028,8%
4758Volkswagen Touran3.3602.75222,1%
4877Ford Kuga3.3491.95471,4%
4952Dacia Lodgy3.3452.86116,9%
5047Peugeot 3083.3102.99210,6%