Poland Best Selling Cars 2017. The Top 100

Poland Best Selling Cars 2017

Poland Best Selling Cars 2017 ranking in the year of new record with Skoda Fabia advanced in first place overtaking the Skoda Octavia and the Opel Astra. The best new entry has been the Toyota C-HR landed in 17th place.

Polish Vehicles market is characterized by a large used vehicles market and, unique in Europe, by a strong import of “fresh” used vehicles mainly arriving from Germany. However, in recent years, the research for lower emission vehicles and the increased income available for spending in mobility, have generated a strong demand for new cars boosting the market from 384.000 in the 20112 to a record of 430.000 in the 2016.

According to data released by the local Association of Car Distributors, in the 2017 the market was one of the most positive in the entire Europe, hitting the new all time record with 489.190 new car passenger’s sales (+13.5%) and 62.621 light commercial vehicles (+5.1%).

As far as the best selling cars ranking, a new leader for the market is represented by the Skoda Fabia, the popular B Class compact made in Czech Republic, advanced in first place with 18.977 sales (+22.6%) overtaking for few units the former leader, the Skoda Octavia, second with 18.856 units (+11.1%).

In the third step of the podium the Opel Astra at 15.483 (+4.5%) followed by the Volkswagen Golf with 13.299 (+5.5%), the Toyota Yaris with 12.560 (+10.0%), the Ford Focus with 10.952 (+11.5%) and the Toyota Auris with 10.545 (+1.2%).

In eight place the Renault Clio with 9.853 units (+39.6%) followed by the Dacia Duster with 9.523 (+14.4%) and in 10th place by the Skoda Rapid with 9.484 (+7.8%).

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Rank 2017Rank 2016 Sales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
12Skoda Fabia18.97715.48322,6%
21Skoda Octavia18.85616.96711,1%
33Opel Astra15.49314.8194,5%
44Volkswagen Golf13.29912.6065,5%
55Toyota Yaris12.56011.41810,0%
67Ford Focus10.9529.82011,5%
76Toyota Auris10.54510.4221,2%
812Renault Clio9.8537.05939,6%
910Dacia Duster9.5238.32614,4%
109Skoda Rapid9.4848.7997,8%
118Volkswagen Passat9.4528.8406,9%
1244Fiat Tipo8.4363.090173,0%
1311Nissan Qashqai8.0557.7064,5%
1413Hyundai Tucson7.6496.89510,9%
1515Skoda Superb7.3616.42614,6%
1614Opel Corsa6.6046.768-2,4%
17Toyota C-HR6.086
1819Toyota Corolla6.0304.64129,9%
1916Kia Sportage6.0155.9381,3%
2024Renault Mégane5.7834.11040,7%
2123Volkswagen Tiguan5.7114.27033,7%
2222Kia Cee’d5.3884.46720,6%
2331Dacia Sandero5.0073.47444,1%
2439Volvo XC604.9803.26252,7%
2525Seat Leon4.9574.05022,4%
2620Toyota RAV44.7804.4816,7%
2717Ford Mondeo4.6855.262-11,0%
2818Toyota Avensis4.6314.928-6,0%
2934volkswagen Golf Sportsvan4.5813.42633,7%
3020Opel Mokka4.5464.4811,5%
3133Hyundai i204.1663.44421,0%
3235Kia Rio4.0493.40219,0%
3332Renault Captur4.0483.45217,3%
3438Volkswagen Polo3.9333.30019,2%
3546Suzuki Vitara3.5883.03218,3%
3636Opel Insignia3.5723.3486,7%
3721Ford Fiesta3.5324.473-21,0%
3854Mercedes GLC3.4142.71625,7%
3928Hyundai i303.3913.652-7,1%
4049Toyota Aygo3.2592.85014,4%
4147Seat Ibiza3.2022.9937,0%
4253Audi Q53.1962.80713,9%
4295Citroen C33.1961.021213,0%
4441Honda Civic3.0003.153-4,9%
4564Peugeot 3082.9922.22034,8%
4657BMW 5 Series2.9892.56516,5%
4788BMW X12.9801.248138,8%
48Skoda Kodiaq2.942
4984Mitsubishi Outlander2.8861.334116,3%
5086Dacia Lodgy2.8611.320116,7%