Poland: Fiat says “ciao ciao!” while March 2014 Car Market boomed at best in a decade.

Car Market in Poland kept a fantastic momentum started few months ago and during the first quarter 2014 was one of the fastest growing market in the World. Accordingly with data released by Polski Zwiarek Przemyslu Motoryzacyjnego, in March 2014 the total Car Passengers sold in Poland have been 35.849, posting a wonderful 41.2% increase from last year, the best year-on-year performance in a decade. First quarter sales were 97.623, up a magnificent 29.0% from 2013.

Light Commercial Vehicle sales in March have been 4.014, up 24.4% from the previous year with first quarter cumulate sales at 10.450, up 8.3%.

On top of the sales list, Skoda performed very well with 5.279 retails and share flat at 14.7%, with Octavia market leader and Fabia in third place, Rapid in sixth and Superb in eight. Volkswagen in second struggled on keeping the market speed and, with 3.725 sales, has lost share at 10.4%, despite the outstanding Passat performance.

In third Toyota reduced the gap despite losing 0.2 points of share while Ford, in fourth gained 0.4 points.

Albeit always considered a domestic player, Fiat dropped in 16th place, down 3 spots from 2013, with only 718 retails and 2.0% of market share, down one-third from last year. It is hard to explain the Fiat decline in Poland, a country where Fiat is producing since 1973 and where it is produced the 500, defined by Fiat the “icon” of Italian style in the World. Just one years ago, the 1 million 500 produced has been celebrated with glamour.

But behind the appearance, the Fiat reality in Poland represents a real commercial disaster. Just in 2010, Fiat was the fourth brand with 7.3% of market share and 24k sales. In 2011 sales fell at 17.6k and share at 6.3% and in the following year the 12.6k sales were 4.6%. In 2013 Fiat sold 9.2k units with 3.1% of share, to drop at 2.0% in March 2014. As far as the Polish market is open to competition and consumer’s can choise between more products and services, Fiat decline is showing a structural weakness behind the “Italian Style”.

In the interactive tables below you can sort thru the Top brands and Best-selling model as you like:

Rank MarRank Q1 2014BrandMarQ1 2014Share 2013Share JanShare FebShare MarShare Q1 2014

Rank MarRank Q1 2014Modelmar-14Q1 2014Share JanShare FebShare MarShare Q1 2014
11Skoda Octavia1.7834.5693,6%5,0%5,0%4,5%
24Ford Focus1.2292.8901,7%3,4%3,4%2,9%
32Skoda Fabia1.1753.2003,2%3,1%3,3%3,2%
412Volkswagen Golf9481.8591,4%1,4%2,6%1,8%
55Volkswagen Passat9092.6482,5%2,9%2,5%2,6%
66Skoda Rapid8932.5032,2%2,8%2,5%2,5%
79Toyota Yaris8062.1072,1%1,9%2,2%2,1%
813Skoda Superb7721.7501,0%2,0%2,2%1,7%
98Opel Corsa7642.1532,5%1,8%2,1%2,1%
1014Kia Cee’d7551.6181,5%1,2%2,1%1,6%
1111Opel Astra7271.9371,9%1,8%2,0%1,9%
123Toyota Auris7182.8933,4%3,3%2,0%2,9%
1315Dacia Duster6621.5231,3%1,4%1,8%1,5%
1426Nissan Qashqai6361.1660,7%1,0%1,8%1,2%
1517Kia Sportage6181.4381,4%1,2%1,7%1,4%
1610Volkswagen Tiguan5932.0801,5%3,1%1,7%2,1%
1718Hyundai i305171.4291,6%1,2%1,4%1,4%
1821Hyundai ix355101.2711,1%1,3%1,4%1,3%
1933Toyota RAV45069210,7%0,6%1,4%0,9%
2025Citroen Berlingo5001.1830,7%1,4%1,4%1,2%
2127Opel Insignia4941.1270,8%1,2%1,4%1,1%
2222Volvo XC604841.2550,6%1,8%1,4%1,2%
2319Toyota Avensis4511.3901,6%1,3%1,3%1,4%
2416Renault Clio4451.4401,6%1,5%1,2%1,4%
2523Renault Megane4311.2040,7%1,7%1,2%1,2%
2632Honda CR-V4089430,7%1,0%1,1%0,9%
2724Ford Fiesta3921.1881,3%1,2%1,1%1,2%
2738Volkswagen Caddy3928560,8%0,6%1,1%0,9%
2839Ford Mondeo3808450,5%1,0%1,1%0,8%
2941Dacia Sandero3678360,7%0,8%1,0%0,8%
3028Hyundai i203581.0541,1%1,0%1,0%1,0%

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