Poland. Vehicle market arrests (-12.8%) while Toyota is smashing records

Polish cars sales

Polish cars sales are pushing the brakes in the beginning of 2020. Indeed, year-to-date figures in February have been 76.585, down 12.8%. Toyota jumped on top of the ranking, hitting the new record share (15.3%), while Skoda and Volkswagen are struggling.


Economic Environment

Polish economy shifted into a lower gear in the final quarter of last year, restrained by heavy destocking and cooling household spending. On the other hand, sustained investment dynamics and a larger contribution from the external sector cushioned the slowdown somewhat. Turning to the first quarter of this year, growth looks set to slow down significantly, hit by the impact of coronavirus.
Consumer confidence dived to an over eight-year low in February, which, coupled with milder retail sales growth and an uptick in the unemployment rate in January, spells trouble for consumer spending. Meanwhile, the virus and prolonged weakness in Germany will be hitting investment activity.


Market Trend

Polish Vehicles market is characterized by a large used vehicles market and, unique in Europe, by a strong import of “fresh” used vehicles mainly arriving from Germany. However, in recent years, the research for lower emission vehicles and the increased income available for spending in mobility, have generated a strong demand for new cars boosting the market from 384.000 in the 2012 to 489.190 in the 2018.

However, this positive trend is not designed to end in short and in 2019 the market has further grown, flying for first time over the milestone of half a million units sold in a calendar year, hitting the 5th consecutive all-time record.

In 2020, according to data released by the local Association of Car Distributors, seems to have pushed the brakes, as year-to-date figures in February have been 76.585, down 12.8% from the previous year.

In the competitive landscape, Toyota is running fast, gaining the market crown with a new market share all-time record, at 15.3%. The former leader, Skoda slipped in second position, declining in double-digits, while Volkswagen is struggling, registering a disappointing -33.9%.

However, the worst top 10 brand is currently Dacia, down 42.6%, while Mercedes surges 16.1% landing in 6th place.

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Rank 2020Rank 2019BrandSales YTD 2020+/- YTD 2020Sales February+/- FebruaryShare YTD 2020Share February

Rank 2020Rank 2019BrandSales YTD 2020+/- YTD 2020Sales February+/- FebruaryShare YTD 2020Share February
11Volkswagen Group21.800-16,1%10.151-18,5%28,5%27,7%
24Toyota Group12.68117,8%5.5974,9%16,6%15,3%
43Renault Nissan Alliance8.646-20,9%4.197-21,9%11,3%11,5%
68Mercedes Daimler3.19116,0%1.64148,1%4,2%4,5%
86Ford Group2.833-25,8%1.4453,2%3,7%3,9%
1011Geely Group2.06416,3%1.36347,5%2,7%3,7%