Pick ups Global Sales

Pick ups Global Sales 2010-2016 provide a huge analysis of this segment trend both at global and local level. Sales reported for 116 Markets, 66 Brands and 209 Models. Research in PDF plus data in Excel. The pick up segment in very popular in same areas of the World while in others is relatively marginal. In North America (US and Canada has always been a top segment with the best three light vehicles sold always been pickups. The segment is also very popular in South East Asia, in Africa and in the Middle East. In the period 2010-2015 the segment grew at global level from 4.1 million to 5.7 million, mainly thanks to the +1.3 million reported in America. In the 2016 sales declined 0.1% due to the lost of 11.1% in Asia (mainly Middle East and ASEAN) and the huge -17.6% reported for Africa.

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