Vehicles Sales Data Snapshot – 2017

Format:  Excel

Segment:  Cars and LCVs

Detail: Monthly 

From: 2017


Vehicles Sales Data Snapshot 2017 is full data regarding last year new vehicles sales in a specific country, with regard to new vehicles sales by type, manufacturer, brand and model with segmentation including EVs data.

You have to define the list of countries you need to study and agree with us the level of detail required by your business. We will customize the excel report providing sales split by type of vehicles (cars and light commercial vehicles) and with segmentation by size (A,B,C,…) and by Body (SUVs, Pick Up, Sedan, …)

In addition we can provide the engine mix with split by petrol/diesel, Electric, Hybrid, LPG.

See here a sample of data report in excel:

Monthly Sales Report 2017 

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