Qatar Full Year 2016. The sharpest fall in 30 years. Lexus the only winner

Qatar Auto Sales 2016 Lexus-LC_500h-2018

Qatar Auto Sales 2016 reported the sharpest fall in over 30 years, hit by the worst economy deceleration in the last twenty years. All top players have lost sales, but Lexus, sixth and up in double-digit.

Qatar’s economy closed 2016 on a mixed note. Economic growth for the year likely decelerated to the lowest level in two decades, weighed down by the effects of the oil price downturn.

However, the government has made laudable efforts to attempt to compensate for the shortfall in oil-related revenues while sparing major infrastructure investments related to the 2022 FIFA World Cup and the Vision 2030 development plan, the cornerstones of Qatar’s non-hydrocarbon growth.

The automotive sector, has been heavily hit by the economy deceleration, arrived at the end of a long growing period with market volume almost doubled between the 2010 and the 2014/2015. Although unpredicted, the 2016 slowdown was severe and, according to data released by the Qatari Bureau of Statistics, new vehicles sales in the 2016 had been 72.260, down 25.2%.

All the top 17 brands have lost sales, but the sixth, Lexus, up 13.1%.

The market leader Toyota was down 23.6%, ahead of Nissan and Mitsubishi respectively down 26.8% and 25.7% and Kia (-4.9%).

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Rank 2016 Rank 2015 Model Sales 2016 Sales 2015 2016 Variation
1 1 Toyota Land Cruiser 8.749 9.520 -8,1%
2 2 Toyota Hilux 4.295 5.587 -23,1%
3 5 Toyota Prado 2.879 3.559 -19,1%
4 4 Mitsubishi Lancer EX 2.673 3.726 -28,3%
5 9 Lexus LX 2.623 2.145 22,3%
6 3 Nissan Patrol 2.373 3.895 -39,1%
7 8 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.021 2.296 -12,0%
8 6 Toyota Corolla 1.635 2.946 -44,5%
9 10 Nissan Sunny 1.508 1.941 -22,3%
10 7 Toyota Camry 1.469 2.315 -36,5%


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