Qatar Vehicle Market ended the first half at the highest level ever.

Qatar Vehicle Market

Qatar Vehicle Market ended the first half at the highest level ever pushed further up by a strong economy and robust consumer’s demand in the entry level segments. Toyota is keeping the most advantage gaining market share.

In June 2014 accordingly with data released by focus2move Research Team through local sources and manufacturers, total new Light Passengers Vehicles sold have been 8.252, up 10.8% from the correspondent month last year. In the first half sales have been 48.173, up 3.2% from year ago.  After a series of 52 consecutive year-on-year growing month, in May the market fell breaking the best winning series world-wide.

In the next month the Qatar economy could reduce the speed hit by a less positive global demand for petrol and the automotive sector could start a new trend less aggressive than in the past. Anyhow the forecast for the entire year are for a new record but for just few units compared with the 2013.

In the first half Toyota posted an amazing performance improving the market share at 34.3% well ahead of the first followed, the Japanese Nissan that was stable with 16.2% of share in line with 2013 performance. Third was the Korean Hyundai with 7.8% of market share, down over 1 point from year ago.

In the interactive tables below you can sort thru the Best-selling models ranking.


Rank JuneRank I HalfModelJune 2014I Half 2014June Var YoYI Half Var.Share MayShare JuneShare Ytd
11Toyota Land Cruiser6844.21422,6%-23,9%9,0%8,3%8,8%
22Toyota Hilux4753.169-15,7%-6,2%4,4%5,8%6,6%
33Toyota Prado3882.4403,2%9,1%5,8%4,7%5,1%
45Toyota Corolla3581.508102,3%20,6%1,9%4,3%3,1%
54Nissan Patrol3121.60350,7%84,7%3,0%3,8%3,3%
68Mitsubishi Lancer EX3051.179214,4%245,7%2,7%3,7%2,5%
710Toyota Camry2401.14665,5%-16,8%3,2%2,9%2,4%
813Nissan Urvan23578391,1%51,7%1,6%2,9%1,6%
96Hyundai Santa fe2151.431172,2%91,6%3,6%2,6%3,0%
109Nissan Sunny2081.1770,0%4,4%2,1%2,5%2,4%
117Lexus LX1821.34221,3%10,6%3,0%2,2%2,8%
1216Nissan Sentra16668540,7%22,3%1,7%2,0%1,4%
1319Honda City14056094,4%-2,9%1,2%1,7%1,2%
1318Toyota Yaris140569600,0%374,2%1,4%1,7%1,2%
1423Fuso Canter1304961,2%1,6%1,0%
1527Hyundai Elantra12043212,1%-42,0%0,8%1,5%0,9%
1511Nissan D221201.013-34,8%-19,4%2,5%1,5%2,1%
1615GMC Sierra11169818,1%17,7%1,2%1,3%1,5%
1712Hyundai Tucson108823-16,9%49,4%2,0%1,3%1,7%
1814Mitsubishi Pajero10274967,2%78,8%1,8%1,2%1,6%
1929Kia Rio100399222,6%60,2%0,7%1,2%0,8%
2028Toyota Fortuner99429-3,9%-23,1%1,1%1,2%0,9%

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