Renault-Nissan overtakes GM as third global automotive group.



overtakes GM as third global automotive group, behind of Volkswagen & Toyota. In February 2015 General motors has lost the third place in global car sales while Volkswagen consolidated the leadership.

Battle for the leadership

As reported by focus2move in early January this year, during the 2014 Volkswagen Group has taken the leadership as Light Vehicles sales world-wide, having registered almost 100.000 units more than the Japanese rival Toyota. The 2014 ranking is not changed now that our mobility database has been updated with final data for all the largest 100 markets.

In 2014, Volkswagen sales had been 9.951.053 while Toyota’s 9.843.998. Our friends in Toyota were not happy for this and have released data including heavy vehicles (trucks above 2.5 tons and busses) and the global media have reported their release rather than looking inside numbers and report a correct information to readers.

Now we report on the first two months of 2015 race. In January Volkswagen boomed sales and the single brand Volkswagen was leader in the Top Brands ranking. At group level, Volkswagen sold 888.000 vehicles, over 150.000 more than the rival. In February Toyota was stable, selling 747.000 units while Volkswagen dropped back at 738.503.

However, in the cumulative figures, Volkswagen stands ahead with 1.627.114 sales and 12.0% of market share, up 0.6 points of share from full year 2014, consolidating the leadership.

Toyota is second with 1.479.400 sales and 11.3% of market share, up 0.3 points from full year 2014. So both the pretenders are gaining share on global market!.

Battle for podium

The fact to evidence is the surpass of Renault-Nissan group to General Motors. Th French-Japanese alliance sold cumulative 1.185.014 vehicles in February, just 3.000 more than G.M. with both the groups losing volume and share from last year. However, while Renault at 8.8% of share has lost 0.4 points of share, GM has lost half a point.

The battle for the third place is not just between them, considering the Hyundai Group strong start of the year with 1.147.455 sales, up 0.3 points of share at 8.7%.

Double-digit growth were reported for BMW and Mercedes Group as for several Chinese brands now growing both in their domestic market and overseas.

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Groups. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank FebRank JanGroupSales FebSales JanYtd FebY.o.Y Feb '15Share FebShare YtdShare 2014
1213Mercedes Daimler154.646153.367308.01310,4%2,4%2,3%2,2%
1724Fuji Heavy Industries70.53967.105137.64410,2%1,1%1,0%1,0%
1819Geely Group67.41896.741164.15910,5%1,1%1,2%1,1%
1922No Group65.66670.644136.3105,4%1,0%1,0%0,9%
2120Great Wall Motors61.31594.928156.243-8,1%1,0%1,2%0,9%
2317Dongfeng Motor56.325104.335160.66129,1%0,9%1,2%1,0%
2421Chery Automobile42.08180.279122.360-11,3%0,7%0,9%1,0%
2628Mahindra Group40.38542.74483.129-5,6%0,6%0,6%0,6%
2831Isuzu Motors33.35431.18764.54115,7%0,5%0,5%0,5%