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Russia Automotive Report 2010-2025

Russia Automotive Russia Automotive

Russia Automotive Report 2010-2025 features historical data and insights plus professional forecast on new vehicles sales by type, manufacturer, brand and model providing an easy-to-use picture of current and future competitive landscape.

Market Trend

Russian vehicles market collapsed in the period 2013-2016 losing over the half of the previous volume from 2.9 million in th 2012 to 1.4 million in the 2016. Only in March 2017 the fall ended and a progressive recovery took place. Indeed, according to the data released by the AEB, new light vehicles sales in he 2017 recovered at 1.595.000 (+11.9%).

In the 2018 the Russian light vehicles market is fast recovering . Thanks to a roaring start, the first quarter sales have been 392.920 (+21.8%), the second  ended at 447.328 (+13.1%) and the third at 448.211 (+9.1%), as result of July at 143.452 (+10.1%), August at 147.388 (+11.0%) and September at 157.371 (+6.1%).

The fourth quarter opened with October sales at 160.425 (+8%). The year to date figures at 1.457.857 (+14.1%) with full year projection at 1.797.548 (+11.2%).

Research Contents

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Contents are:

Historical Data 2010-2017

1 – Global Vehicles Market Data 2010-2018
2 – Introduction to the country
3 – Market vehicles industry data & trends 2010-2017
4 – Performance by brand 2016-2017
5 – Premium Brands performance 2010-2017
6 – Car Passenger’s segmentation 2010-2017
7 – Car Passenger’s sales & share by Model 2016-2017
8 – Light Commercial Vehicles segmentation 2010-2017
9 – LCVs sales & share by model 2016-2017

Future Outlook 2018-2025

10 – Global Automotive Mega Trends
11 – Global Vehicles Market Forecast 2018-2025
12 – Local Vehicles Market Mega Trends 2018-2025
13 – Local Vehicles Market Forecast 2018-2025
14 – Brand Performance Forecast 2018-2025
15 – Car Passenger’s Segments Forecast 2018-2025
16 – LCVs segments Forecast 2018-2025

AX – Sources
AX – Methodology