Russia best selling cars. The top in 2019

Russian Autos Market

Russia best selling car ranking in 2019 have seen the Lada Granta – soaring 27.8% – on top of the list, ahead of the former leader, the Lada Vesta. Remarkable performance scored by the Lada 4×4, landing in 9th place.

The Russian brand Lada has placed 2 models on the podium. Indeed, the Lada Granta was the new market leader in 2019, reporting an impressive performance (+27.8%), ahead of the former leader, Lada Vesta, which in recent years has climbed the ranking, and it is now stable around 6% of share.

Closing the podium, we find the Kia Rio – which in the last decade has gained near 3 points of share – selling 92.475 units (-7.7%).

The fourth place was held by the Hyundai Creta at 71.487 sales (+5.8%), widening the gap over the followers, the Hyundai Solaris and the Volkswagen Polo.

We must highlight the remarkable performance scored by the Lada 4×4, landing in 9th place with 38.960 units sold.

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Rank 2019Rank 2018ModelSales 20192019 Var
12Lada Granta135.83127,8%
21Lada Vesta111.4592,9%
33Kia Rio92.475-7,7%
44Hyundai Creta71.4875,8%
55Hyundai Solaris58.682-10,5%
66Volkswagen Polo56.102-5,6%
77Lada Largus43.123-2,2%
88Renault Duster39.031-5,7%
912Lada 4x438.96018,2%
1011Volkswagen Tiguan37.24211,1%
1116Renault Logan35.39116,9%
129Skoda Rapid35.1210,1%
1313Kia Sportage34.3705,2%
1410Toyota Camry34.0170,9%
1515Toyota RAV430.627-1,7%
1614Renault Sandero30.496-3,4%
1732Lada Xray28.96776,8%
1819Skoda Octavia27.1618,5%
1917Renault Kaptur25.799-14,1%
2025Kia Optima25.70723,4%
2121Nissan Qashqai25.1588,5%
2233Skoda Kodiaq25.06954,4%
2320Mitsubishi Outlander23.894-2,5%
2422Hyundai Tucson22.753-1,2%
2524Mazda CX-522.565-0,1%
2618Chevrolet Niva21.995-24,8%
2723Nissan X-Trail20.915-8,6%
2828Datsun on-DO19.4536,9%
2931Kia Soul18.5208,8%
3026Kia Cee’d16.203-21,7%
3129Toyota Prado15.146-13,8%
3234Uaz Patriot15.113-2,0%
3340Kia Cerato14.99435,5%
3437Nissan Terrano12.622-9,5%
3542Hyundai Santa fe11.51934,3%
36238Renault Arkana11.311
37238Nissan Dualis11.270
3830Kia Sorento11.030-36,0%
3927Lexus RX10.733-45,1%
4045Mercedes GLC8.5869,0%
4146Mercedes E Class8.35214,9%
4286Geely Atlas7.536175,1%
4349BMW 5 Series7.2829,5%
4443Toyota Land Cruiser6.940-17,4%
4541Mitsubishi Pajero Sport6.909-27,2%
4636Ford Focus6.529-54,6%
4793Haval H66.378164,1%
4864BMW X35.98439,6%
4938Ford Kuga5.799-58,3%
5059Volkswagen Touareg5.77922,6%