Russia best selling cars 2016. The top 100

Russia best selling cars ranking in the 2016 with a new leader, the Hyundai Solaris that has overtaken the Lada Granta. The new Lada Vesta landed in fourth place while the best SUV was the new Toyota RAV4.

In the 2016, while the Russian vehicles market keeps its fall, the best-selling cars ranking reported several news thanks to the success of recently launched models.

However the models on podium unchanged while their ranks did. In fact there was a new leader thanks to the gain of 1 spot by the Hyundai Solaris, sold in the year in 90.380 units (-22.0%) and overtaking the former leader, the Lada Granta, second with 87.726 units (-27.0%). In third the Kia Rio with 87.662 sales (-9.7%).

Behind the best new entrance, the Lada Vesta with 22.894 units followed by the first light commercial vehicles, the GAZ Gazelle with 50.746 units (+10.5%), the Volkswagen Polo with 47.701 sales (+5.1%) and the Renault Duster with 44.001 (+0.2%).

In eight place the Toyota RAV4 with 30.601 units (+12.9%) followed by the Chevrolet Niva with 29.844 (-4.9%) and in 10th place by the Renault Logan with 29.565 (-28.4%).

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Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will report year to date data updated.

Rank 2016Rank 2015ModelSales 2016Sales 2015Variation
12Hyundai Solaris90.380115.868-22,0%
21Lada Granta87.726120.182-27,0%
33Kia Rio87.66297.097-9,7%
4100Lada Vesta55.1742.7851881,1%
54GAZ Gazelle50.74645.90610,5%
65Volkswagen Polo47.70145.3905,1%
76Renault Duster44.00143.9230,2%
815Toyota RAV430.60127.10212,9%
911Chevrolet Niva29.84431.367-4,9%
107Renault Logan29.56541.311-28,4%
118Lada Largus29.37838.982-24,6%
1212Renault Sandero28.55730.221-5,5%
1313Toyota Camry28.06230.136-6,9%
1410Lada 4x427.26435.312-22,8%
1517Skoda Rapid25.93124.5475,6%
16Hyundai Creta21.929
1720Skoda Octavia21.75921.3731,8%
1819UAZ Bukhanka21.61321.4081,0%
199Lada Kalina20.98235.869-41,5%
20Lada XRay19.943
2123Uaz Patriot19.38119.950-2,9%
2221Kia Sportage19.00320.751-8,4%
2336Nissan Qashqai18.72310.54577,6%
2422Nissan X-Trail17.78620.502-13,2%
2514Lada Priora17.55328.327-38,0%
2626Mazda CX-515.79017.681-10,7%
2724Kia Cee’d15.08119.268-21,7%
2816Nissan Almera14.87925.977-42,7%
2928Toyota Prado14.51514.901-2,6%
3018Datsun on-DO14.38523.643-39,2%
31Renault Kaptur13.926
3234Toyota Land Cruiser12.70511.35111,9%
3335Ford Focus12.02711.0968,4%
3433Nissan Terrano11.39611.425-0,3%
3527Mitsubishi Outlander11.20916.294-31,2%
36160Hyundai Tucson10.4461.013931,2%
3731Volkswagen Tiguan10.39013.176-21,1%
3848Ford Kuga8.4137.08318,8%
3991Lexus RX7.8483.147149,4%
4032Volkswagen Jetta7.72111.685-33,9%
4139Lifan X607.6068.300-8,4%
4254Kia Soul7.3345.98022,6%
43101Mercedes GLE7.1202.777156,4%
4443Kia Sorento7.0997.693-7,7%
4551Lada Largus LCV6.9206.11213,2%
4637Lexus NX6.69210.328-35,2%
4741Hyundai Santa fe6.5217.705-15,4%
4897Lexus LX6.4012.928118,6%
4944Skoda Yeti6.3027.557-16,6%
5092Kia Optima6.2863.096103,0%
5160Hyundai Elantra6.1465.12220,0%
5298Lifan X505.9842.926104,5%
5346Mercedes Sprinter5.7077.201-20,7%
5485Ford Transit5.5693.40263,7%
5547Hyundai i405.5117.174-23,2%
5652Mercedes E Class5.2736.042-12,7%
57124Mercedes GLC5.2461.777195,2%
5853BMW X55.2036.001-13,3%
5929Daewoo Gentra5.14113.595-62,2%
6184Audi Q75.0923.53744,0%
6258GAZ Sobol5.0575.286-4,3%
6365Volkswagen Touareg4.9674.6197,5%
6475Ford Ecosport4.5473.92415,9%
6583BMW 5 Series4.4863.56525,8%
66Mercedes GLS4.334
6740Datsun mi-DO4.2078.165-48,5%
6871BMW 3 Series4.1584.231-1,7%
6970Land Rover Range Rover4.1294.254-2,9%
7080BMW X64.0773.7857,7%
7163Subaru Forester3.9794.919-19,1%
7250Toyota Corolla sedan3.7456.137-39,0%
7359Mercedes C Class3.7245.236-28,9%
7456Kia Cerato3.7225.495-32,3%
7581Toyota Hilux3.6703.760-2,4%
76130Suzuki Vitara3.6621.623125,6%
7769Audi Q53.5924.378-18,0%
7887UAZ Hunter3.5913.26410,0%
7977Mercedes GLA3.4403.852-10,7%
8066Ford Mondeo3.3274.545-26,8%
8196UAZ Pickup3.2542.9719,5%
8268Audi A63.2324.391-26,4%
83107Volkswagen Transporter3.1752.34735,3%
8467Mercedes S Class3.0644.408-30,5%
8564BMW X32.8244.738-40,4%
86148BMW X42.7531.150139,4%
8778Volvo XC602.7443.838-28,5%
8862Geely Emgrand EC72.7424.929-44,4%
89120Chery Tiggo2.6411.89039,7%
90158Volkswagen Passat2.6351.043152,6%
9193Porsche Cayenne2.6063.015-13,6%
9272Audi Q32.5104.219-40,5%
93115Lifan Solano2.3871.96321,6%
94106Citroen C4 sedan2.2712.552-11,0%
9576Mitsubishi Pajero Sport2.2393.868-42,1%
9695Audi A42.1312.994-28,8%
97Jaguar F-Pace2.103
98117Lexus ES2.0581.9455,8%
99118UAZ 39091.9201.9200,0%
100119Volvo XC901.9181.9110,4%