Russia best selling cars 2017. The top 100

Russia best selling cars ranking in the 2017 with a new leader, the Kia Rio ahead of two models made by Lada. The last year leader fell in fourth place while the new Hyundai Creta is already in 5th place.

Russian vehicles market collapsed in the period 2013-2016 losing over the half of the previous volume from 2.9 million in th 2012 to 1.4 million in the 2016. Only in March 2017 the fall ended and a progressive recovery took place. Indeed, according to the data released by the AEB, new light vehicles sales in he 2017 recovered at 1.595.000 (+11.9%).

A new leader is on top of the list and it is again a Korean thanks to the Kia Rio up 2 spots with 96.689 sales (+10.3%). In second place the Lada Granta with 92.881 units (+5.9%) followed by the Lada Vesta with 77.291 units (+40.1%).

Only the fourth place for the 2016 leader, the Hyundai Solaris with 68.614 units (-24.1%) ahead of the Hyundai Creta, new entrance with 55.305, the best light commercial vehicles, the GAZ Gazelle with 52.825 units (+4.1%) and the Volkswagen Polo with 48.595 sales (+1.9%).

In eight place the Renault Duster with 43.828 (-0.4%) followed by the Lada Largus with 33.601 units (+14.4%) and in 10th place by the Lada Xray with 33.319 (+67.1%).

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Rank 2017Rank 2016 Sales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
13Kia Rio96.68987.66210,3%
22Lada Granta92.88187.7265,9%
34Lada Vesta77.29155.17440,1%
41Hyundai Solaris68.61490.380-24,1%
515Hyundai Creta55.30521.929152,2%
65Volkswagen Polo48.59547.7011,9%
76Renault Duster43.82844.001-0,4%
810Lada Largus33.60129.37814,4%
918Lada XRay33.31919.94367,1%
107Toyota RAV432.93130.6017,6%
118Chevrolet Niva31.21229.8444,6%
1229Renault Kaptur30.96613.926122,4%
139Renault Logan30.64029.5653,6%
1411Renault Sandero30.21028.5575,8%
1514Skoda Rapid29.44525.93113,6%
1613Lada 4x429.09127.2646,7%
1712Toyota Camry28.19928.0620,5%
1835Volkswagen Tiguan27.66610.390166,3%
1920Kia Sportage24.61119.00329,5%
2016Skoda Octavia22.64821.7594,1%
2122Nissan X-Trail20.62617.78616,0%
2221Nissan Qashqai20.22318.7238,0%
2317Lada Kalina19.98920.982-4,7%
2428Datsun on-DO19.71214.38537,0%
2524Mazda CX-518.72315.79018,6%
2633Mitsubishi Outlander16.82811.20950,1%
2719Uaz Patriot15.86019.381-18,2%
2826Nissan Almera15.78014.8796,1%
2925Kia Cee’d15.24615.0811,1%
3031Ford Focus15.08612.02725,4%
3123Lada Priora15.00217.553-14,5%
3232Nissan Terrano13.80711.39621,2%
3327Toyota Prado13.75514.515-5,2%
3436Ford Kuga12.9548.41354,0%
3548Kia Optima12.8226.286104,0%
3634Hyundai Tucson12.01110.44615,0%
3743Kia Sorento11.2807.09958,9%
3840Kia Soul10.6527.33445,2%
3930Toyota Land Cruiser10.06712.705-20,8%
4045Hyundai Santa fe9.8866.52151,6%
4137Lexus RX9.4157.84820,0%
4239Lifan X607.3717.606-3,1%
4369Kia Cerato6.7693.72281,9%
4454BMW X56.7205.20329,2%
4553Mercedes GLC6.6505.24626,8%
4644Lexus NX6.6386.692-0,8%
4742Mercedes GLE6.2587.120-12,1%
4847Skoda Yeti6.2426.302-1,0%
4952Mercedes E Class6.0925.27315,5%