San Marino car market is one of the smaller and healthy in the World.

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San Marino car market is one of the smaller and healthy in the World. In the full year 2014 sales had been just over 1.000 units following a series of 6 declining years in a row. Best seller is Volkswagen followed by Audi and Fiat.

Country Outlook

Of the world’s 193 independent countries, San Marino is the fifth smallest and – arguably – the most curious. How it exists at all is something of an enigma. A sole survivor of Italy’s once powerful city-state network, this landlocked micro-nation clung on long after the more powerful kingdoms of Genoa and Venice folded.

And still it clings, secure in its status as the world’s oldest surviving sovereign state and its oldest republic (since AD 301). San Marino also enjoys the lowest unemployment rate in Europe and one of the planet’s highest GDPs.

Measuring 61 sq km, the country is larger than many outsiders imagine, being made up of nine municipalities each hosting its own settlement.

The largest ‘town’ is Dogana (on the bus route from Italy), a place 99.9% of the two million annual visitors skip on their way through to the Città di San Marino, the medieval settlement on the slopes of 750m-high Monte Titano that was added to the Unesco World Heritage list in 2008.

Market Outlook

According to data released by San Marino Bureau of Statistics, the new vehicles market is around 1.000 units per year.

Before the 2008 global financial crisis in single years the market was able to outpace the 2.000 sales in a year but since 2010 it declined progressively. In the 2010 sales had been 1.452 and in the 2014 only 1.051.

The best seller is Volkswagen with 182 sales in the 2014 ahead of Audi with 159 and Fiat with 99.

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank 2014Rank 2013BrandSales 2013Sales 2014Share 2014Share 2013
79Land Rover32413,9%3,0%


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