Saudi Arabia best selling car 2017

Saudi Arabia best selling car

Saudi Arabia best selling car in the 2017 hit by the deep market fall with all Hyundai models declining while Toyota has taken the top 2 spots, with the Camry top seller for the first time, ahead of the pick up Hilux.

Saudi Arabia vehicles market is enveloped in the deepest crisis ever. Indeed sales improved fast until the 2015, before that the country entered in recession, due to the fall of oil price in the international market and the measures taken by the government reduced further consumers spending, hitting the industry. In the 2016 the market fell 15.3%, but it was just a step in the prolonged crisis in place.

Indeed, 2017 started very slow with first half sales down 16.1% at 304.000 units, but the third quarter was even worse, losing near 30%. Just at the end of the year the market recovered with December booming up 26.2%. Indeed, the introduction on VAT from December 1st, with the increase in price by 5%, over-stimulated consumer’s to anticipate sales before year-end. However, full year 2017 have been almost negative, with light vehicles sales at 544.721, the worse data in this decade, down 23.9% from the previous year.

As far as the best selling cars ranking, in the 2017 the crisis changed many position and a new leader stands on top of the list, the the Toyota Camry , up 4 spots, with 34.679 sales (-2.3%) followed by  the best pick up, leader in the 2015, the Toyota Hilux with 31.661 (-30.2%) and the Hyundai Sonata with 29.876 (-5.5%).

In fourth place the  former leader, the Hyundai Accent with 29.703 (-44.1%) ahead of the Hyundai Elantra with 27.322 (-37.1%), Toyota Corolla with 23.899 units (-32.8%) and the Toyota Yaris with 22.914 (-20.3%).

In eight place the Mazda6 up 2 spots with 15.195 units (+8.0%) followed by the Nissan Sunny with 15.090 (+0.3%) and in 10th place by the Toyota Fortuner with 11.296 (-10.7%).

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Rank 2017Rank 2016 Sales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
15Toyota Camry34.67935.490-2,3%
22Toyota Hilux31.66145.361-30,2%
36Hyundai Sonata29.87631.620-5,5%
41Hyundai Accent29.70353.096-44,1%
53Hyundai Elantra27.32243.447-37,1%
64Toyota Corolla23.89935.547-32,8%
77Toyota Yaris sedan22.91428.752-20,3%
99Nissan Sunny15.09015.0430,3%
1011Toyota Fortuner11.29612.653-10,7%
1119Honda Accord11.2938.98025,8%
1212Isuzu TF10.67612.107-11,8%
1315Chevrolet Tahoe9.79811.289-13,2%
1416Toyota Land Cruiser9.36111.283-17,0%
15198Renault Koleos9.2888011510,0%
1614Kia Cerato sedan8.95911.308-20,8%
1718Ford Taurus8.7899.631-8,7%
1813Kia Optima8.68411.524-24,6%
19109Renault Talisman8.1895631354,5%
2017Hyundai Tucson8.10610.147-20,1%
2134Toyota Land Cruiser P/U6.7544.76841,7%
2221Toyota Innova6.4088.060-20,5%
2347Kia Cadenza5.5513.04482,4%
2420Nissan Patrol5.0168.296-39,5%
2526Toyota Hiace4.8296.643-27,3%