Slovakia Best Selling Cars ranking in the 2015. Suzuki Vitara shines.

slovakia best selling cars

Slovakia Best Selling Cars ranking in the 2015 has been updated with all statistics for the top 100 models. The market got a new leader thanks to the success of last generation Skoda Fabia. The new Suzuki Vitara landed in 21st place.

Market Outlook

The Slovakian market was the more resistant to the 2008 crisis among all the East European Market not reporting heavy falls. In the 2014 sales volume had been near the best ever – hit in the 2009 and observers had predicted the new record to be taken in the 2015.

However, the start of the year was absolutely below expectations with a first quarter shy. In the second market was up 9.1% in April, 5.4% in May and 8.2% in June with sales at 6.532, 6.596 and 7.455 respectively.

During the first half, according to data released by the Slovakia Associations of Car Manufacturers, total new car passengers sold have been 37.177, up 3.3% from the correspondent period last year.

Best Selling Cars

The 2015 proposed a new leader for the market thanks to the success of last generation of the Skoda Fabia, now Queen of the market with 2.351 sales in the first half with 6.7% of market share. The former leader, Skoda Octavia now stands in second place with 2.249 units (+9.1%) followed by Skoda Rapid with 2.108 (+3.2%).

No news for the immediate followers with Volkswagen Golf 4th with 1.500 sales (-11.8%) followed by the Kia Cee’d with 1.170 (-15.8%), Hyundai i30 with 1.148 (+35.9%), and Hyundai i20, entered in the top 10, with 1.016 sales (+95.0%).

Fast movers had been the Opel Astra, 9th and up 16 spots with 643 unit, the Skoda Roomster, 12th and up 17 spots with 504 units, the Dacia Duster, 15th and up 17 spots with 445 sales.

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank 2015Rank 2014ModelI Half 2015I Half 2014VarShare 2015Share 2014
13Skoda Fabia2.3511.96919,4%6,7%5,8%
21Skoda Octavia2.2492.0629,1%6,4%6,1%
32Skoda Rapid2.1082.0433,2%6,0%6,1%
44Volkswagen Golf1.5001.700-11,8%4,2%5,0%
55Kia Cee’d1.1701.389-15,8%3,3%4,1%
66Hyundai i301.14886432,9%3,3%2,6%
711Hyundai i201.01652195,0%2,9%1,5%
88Kia Sportage77057833,2%2,2%1,7%
925Opel Astra64334188,6%1,8%1,0%
109Skoda Yeti561574-2,3%1,6%1,7%
1117Volkswagen Passat51638434,4%1,5%1,1%
1229Skoda Roomster50428576,8%1,4%0,8%
1319Renault Clio46937126,4%1,3%1,1%
1413Hyundai ix35458502-8,8%1,3%1,5%
1532Dacia Duster44527164,2%1,3%0,8%
1610Volkswagen Polo443538-17,7%1,3%1,6%
1712Kia Rio426518-17,8%1,2%1,5%
1821Peugeot 30841736215,2%1,2%1,1%
1922Dacia Sandero3953619,4%1,1%1,1%
21163Suzuki Vitara379-#DIV/0!1,1%0,0%
2215Opel Corsa376392-4,1%1,1%1,2%
2314Skoda Superb363404-10,1%1,0%1,2%
2425Renault Mégane3553414,1%1,0%1,0%
2520Nissan Qashqai348366-4,9%1,0%1,1%
2618Peugeot 3008328382-14,1%0,9%1,1%
2735Toyota Yaris32726125,3%0,9%0,8%
2828Mitsubishi ASX32328812,2%0,9%0,9%
2816Peugeot 208323389-17,0%0,9%1,2%
2924Peugeot 2008304345-11,9%0,9%1,0%
3014Seat Leon302404-25,2%0,9%1,2%
3138Volkswagen Touareg30122335,0%0,9%0,7%
3242Dacia Dokker29320443,6%0,8%0,6%
3331Ford Focus2872725,5%0,8%0,8%
3437Ford Fiesta28425411,8%0,8%0,8%
3523Honda CR-V274359-23,7%0,8%1,1%
3660Suzuki SX4 S-Cross268132103,0%0,8%0,4%
3729Volkswagen Tiguan262285-8,1%0,7%0,8%
3841Suzuki Swift25921122,7%0,7%0,6%
3926Toyota Auris244323-24,5%0,7%1,0%
4051Opel Mokka22315940,3%0,6%0,5%
4177Mitsubishi Outlander21987151,7%0,6%0,3%
4268BMW X520610694,3%0,6%0,3%
4339Hyundai ix20205216-5,1%0,6%0,6%
4448Renault Captur20417020,0%0,6%0,5%
4556Opel Meriva20114340,6%0,6%0,4%
4634Peugeot 301200263-24,0%0,6%0,8%
4746Toyota RAV41961818,3%0,6%0,5%
48101Nissan X-Trail17948272,9%0,5%0,1%
4949Citroen C4 Picasso1771694,7%0,5%0,5%
5045Renault Fluence167187-10,7%0,5%0,6%
5143Citroen C-Elysée165202-18,3%0,5%0,6%
5253Honda Civic1601543,9%0,5%0,5%
5327Audi A3159295-46,1%0,5%0,9%
5454Dacia Logan1581505,3%0,4%0,4%
5550Kia Venga154165-6,7%0,4%0,5%
5640Citroen C4153215-28,8%0,4%0,6%
5761Ford C-max15212719,7%0,4%0,4%
5855Volkswagen Jetta148149-0,7%0,4%0,4%
5960Volkswagen Touran14713211,4%0,4%0,4%
6047BMW 5 Series146174-16,1%0,4%0,5%
6177Mercedes GLA Class1458766,7%0,4%0,3%
6236Seat Ibiza143257-44,4%0,4%0,8%
6257Hyundai i401431383,6%0,4%0,4%
6392Nissan Juke14160135,0%0,4%0,2%
6473Mercedes A Class1399546,3%0,4%0,3%
65163Citroen C4 Cactus137-#DIV/0!0,4%0,0%
6670Peugeot 50813510232,4%0,4%0,3%
6763Hyundai Santa fe13212010,0%0,4%0,4%
6833Citroen C3 Picasso131264-50,4%0,4%0,8%
6969Ford Kuga12510321,4%0,4%0,3%
7058Mazda CX-5123137-10,2%0,3%0,4%
7044Mercedes ML Class123190-35,3%0,3%0,6%
71163Nissan Pulsar120-#DIV/0!0,3%0,0%
7283BMW X31197950,6%0,3%0,2%
7256Opel Insignia119143-16,8%0,3%0,4%
7362BMW X1117121-3,3%0,3%0,4%
7464Audi A6115118-2,5%0,3%0,3%
7566Mercedes B Class1141112,7%0,3%0,3%
7597Ford Mondeo11454111,1%0,3%0,2%
7772Peugeot 50081079611,5%0,3%0,3%
7778Mercedes C Class1078624,4%0,3%0,3%
7887Fiat 5001037341,1%0,3%0,2%
79163Fiat 500X97-#DIV/0!0,3%0,0%
8052Citroen C396157-38,9%0,3%0,5%
8081Volvo XC60968118,5%0,3%0,2%
81112Kia Sorento9533187,9%0,3%0,1%
8176Toyota Verso95888,0%0,3%0,3%
8284Kia Carens947722,1%0,3%0,2%
8295Dacia Lodgy945667,9%0,3%0,2%
8382BMW X6928015,0%0,3%0,2%
8472Volkswagen Up!9096-6,3%0,3%0,3%
85107Audi Q78640115,0%0,2%0,1%
8674Opel Zafira8594-9,6%0,2%0,3%
8769Mercedes S Class82103-20,4%0,2%0,3%
87109Volvo V408238115,8%0,2%0,1%
8879BMW 1 Series8083-3,6%0,2%0,2%
8880Mercedes CLA Class8082-2,4%0,2%0,2%
8959BMW 3 Series78134-41,8%0,2%0,4%
8970Toyota Corolla78102-23,5%0,2%0,3%
9091Seat Alhambra776126,2%0,2%0,2%
9084Hyundai i1077770,0%0,2%0,2%
91104Nissan Micra764281,0%0,2%0,1%
9193Volkswagen Sharan765928,8%0,2%0,2%
9271Audi Q57297-25,8%0,2%0,3%
9387Nissan Note6973-5,5%0,2%0,2%
9486Ford B-Max6874-8,1%0,2%0,2%
9485Audi A46876-10,5%0,2%0,2%
9565Opel Antara66113-41,6%0,2%0,3%
967Suzuki SX465806-91,9%0,2%2,4%
9794Fiat Freemont62578,8%0,2%0,2%
9893Jeep Grand Cherokee60591,7%0,2%0,2%
98163Jeep Renegade60-#DIV/0!0,2%0,0%