South Africa. Best selling cars ranking in the 2019

South Africa best selling cars

South Africa best-selling cars ranking in 2019 was dominated by three models with a combined share above 23%. Indeed, the Volkswagen Polo, the Toyota Hilux and the Ford Ranger held a huge market share, despite of the growth new models like Renault Kwid.

In South Africa, over 10% of new light vehicles market was concentrated in a single model, the local produced Volkswagen Polo, sold both as sedan and hatch version. During the last decade, this model reached a record share of 11.3% in the 2010, with a negative peak of 9.4% in the 2017 during the run out and launch of the last generation, before to recover 10% quota in the 2018 and held it during the 2019, which ended at 10.4%.

While Polo is the best choice for people living in towns, the Toyota Hilux is the best for travelling and was the best second model in the market with a share grew up during the last decade and actually at the highest level, with 2019 ending at the new record of 8.2%, 0.6 points above the 2018 record.

In third place the Ford Ranger which has declined in 2019 (at 5%) after the strong performance scored in the 2017 (6.2%) and 2018 (5.8%).

It is impressive that these three models represent over 23% of the total market!

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Rank 2019Rank 2018ModelSales 20192019 VarDecember SalesDecember var
11Volkswagen Polo52172-8,9%38271,7%
22Toyota Hilux409342,3%500872,3%
33Ford Ranger25239-16,3%272441,1%
44Nissan NP20017380-11,3%498-68,3%
571Isuzu D-Max152311054,7%1344126,6%
611Renault Kwid1184822,2%163120,5%
78Toyota Fortuner11644-11,1%974-5,2%
825Ford Ecosport980269,8%837152,1%
910Toyota Etios9445-9,3%1433182,6%
10243Toyota Hiace8950582
116Toyota Quantum8852-46,6%106-91,5%
129Hyundai Grand i108648-27,6%460-49,2%
13243Toyota Corolla Quest8216963
1415Ford Figo798522,0%49717,2%
155Toyota Corolla7283-57,8%590-32,0%
1622Hyundai i20699319,9%509-17,8%
1718Toyota RAV4692816,3%49621,0%
1812Kia Picanto6924-24,1%385-24,2%
1914Nissan NP300 Hardbody6707-20,8%0-100,0%
2016Volkswagen Tiguan64792,7%63029,9%
2120Datsun Go63357,6%5304,3%
2232Suzuki Swift624244,0%4435,7%
2324Renault Sandero60775,3%321-28,5%
2413Toyota Yaris6033-30,8%54198,9%
2523Toyota Avanza5503-5,1%53325,4%
2619Mercedes C Class5377-9,4%765128,4%
2736Hyundai Tucson421513,9%37828,6%
2829Mazda CX-54205-10,6%277-28,8%
2926Renault Clio4083-21,2%360-53,5%
3035Mazda CX-338592,4%275-6,1%
3134Kia Rio3794-2,5%270-11,2%
3230Volkswagen Golf3670-18,6%248-16,2%
3331Nissan Almera3617-16,7%12514,7%
3427Hyundai Creta3607-25,9%42065,4%
35243Haval H23581401
3628Ford Everest3544-26,1%223-42,1%
3721BMW 3 Series3528-39,6%114-62,9%
38243volkswagen T-Cross3516685
3945Renault Duster339027,0%32835,5%
4037Toyota Land Cruiser P/U3209-13,1%248-27,9%
4142Audi A331858,1%2521,6%
4243Mahindra Scorpio314215,0%1810,0%
4333Nissan Micra3074-24,3%113-46,4%
4438Nissan X-Trail2998-10,4%29637,0%
4539Hyundai H-1002876-11,3%143-33,5%
4717Ford Fiesta2498-58,5%96-55,8%
4847Volkswagen Caddy2481-1,2%134-23,4%
4949Kia Sportage24205,6%99-52,4%
5048Volkswagen Transporter2410-1,6%63934,8%