South Africa new vehicle registrations are diving in deep water.

South Africa new vehicle registrations

South Africa new vehicle registrations are diving in deep water. Despite finally the recent economic data shown signs of improvement the domestic auto market improved the declining speed.

Market Outlook

South Africa’s economy has recently shown signs of improvement—manufacturing growth hit a 12-month high and business conditions stabilized in July—the government must still contend with weak external demand for the country’s resources, which will keep unemployment high and limit consumption going forward.

However, these signs are still feeble to sustain the real recovery of the internal demand and the domestic vehicles market keeps reporting negative y.o.y. results.

According to data released by the Department Trade and Industry of South African, total new light passengers vehicles sold in July has been 42.582, down 17.5%.

Year to date figures have been 303.613, down a sharp 10.6% compared to the same period of the previous year. 

Competitive Arena

In July Toyota sold 9.853 vehicles losing 8.5% with year to date sales at 66.214 (-0.3%) and market share at 20.8%.

In second place Ford with 5.991 units (-6.5%) ahead of a weak Volkswagen with 5.793 (-18.9%).

Hyundai advanced in fourth place with 3.320 sales (-39.7%), followed by Nissan with 3.025(-14.6%), Mercedes with 2.250 (-5.4%), Chevrolet with 1.507 (-43.6%) and Renault with 1.295 (-37.7%).

As far as the best-selling models performance, the Toyota Hilux led the ranking with 3.153 sales (-11.1%) followed by the Ford Ranger with 2.305 (-12.0%), the Ford Fiesta with 1.740 (+83.5%), the Volkswagen Polo with 1.595 (-67.8%) and the Toyota Quantum with 1.435 (+27.7%).

To see the full ranking of Top 100 models please refer to the article we dedicated at the subject.

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Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank JulRank 2016BrandSales JulSales YTD JulVar JulVar YTD JulShare JulShare YTD Jul
1816Land Rover2852.842-42,2%-11,3%0,7%0,9%

Rank JulRank 2016ModelSales JulSales YTD JulyVar JulVar 2016
12Toyota Hilux3.15320.937-11,1%2,1%
23Ford Ranger2.30518.485-12,0%-9,0%
311Ford Fiesta1.7406.33283,5%10,6%
41Volkswagen Polo1.59521.349-67,8%-30,4%
55Toyota Quantum1.4358.56927,7%38,3%
612Toyota Fortuner1.4185.38097,8%1,7%
77Isuzu KB1.2797.103-1,5%-20,8%
84Toyota Corolla1.2439.416-35,2%-26,1%
99Chevrolet Utility1.1436.917-11,7%-27,1%
1017Kia Rio9824.35530,9%-3,2%
116Toyota Etios9237.510-39,1%-23,3%
128Nissan NP2009176.984-35,0%-35,1%
1313Hyundai i209064.83181,2%33,2%
1410Ford Ecosport8676.60618,4%-3,7%
1515Kia Picanto7454.66116,6%70,3%
1614Mercedes C Class6754.722-38,0%-38,0%
1716Nissan NP300 Hardbody6704.546-26,5%-6,7%
1821Renault Sandero5223.466-41,9%-8,5%
1920Hyundai Grand i104553.591-58,6%-54,0%
2031Hyundai i104542.48231,2%1,4%
2126Toyota RAV44412.987-26,1%-5,7%
2227Volkswagen Golf4352.922-36,9%-29,0%
2325Toyota Land Cruiser4253.0452,7%-2,8%
2429Ford Focus4042.627-3,1%36,6%
2532Mazda CX-53872.37671,2%88,1%
2624Mazda CX-33743.072
2728Toyota Avanza3672.686-32,9%-5,8%
2818BMW 3 Series3633.982-45,7%-28,2%
2936Volkswagen Amarok3511.81118,6%-13,2%
3035Hyundai Accent2822.042-15,3%-13,3%
3130Datsun Go2772.517-60,7%-27,8%
3250Mercedes GLA2761.355107,5%44,9%
3248Renault Captur2761.444-11,3%39,1%
3339Audi A42611.672-5,4%-30,2%
3433Audi A32582.373-41,9%-13,8%
3523Renault Clio2443.154-31,1%24,4%
3634Hyundai H-1002432.167-2,8%24,3%
3737Nissan NV3502361.77459,5%17,5%
3845Nissan Qashqai2231.506-5,5%-21,5%
3975Nissan Hardbody209779145,9%63,0%
4042Ford Kuga2041.549-52,8%-35,7%