South America Vehicle Sales down in 2014 hit by Venezuela, Argentina & Brazil falls.

south america vehicle sales

South America Vehicle Sales are down 6% in 2014 hit by Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil falls. The golden age of the Center & South American continent looks at the end after ten years of roaring performance almost in all countries.

This report aggregates data on 27th markets in Center & South America, from Mexico to Argentina and represent the first release world-wide of such information as no any other consulting company is actually able to cover extensively the entire continent.

Thanks to the large network of local Automotive Experts and Partners, can release this data, updated at April 2014. Wishing to receive specific data on single market, just contact us.

Over the past decade, car sales in South America soared 11% per annum, second only to the 12% average increase across Asia. In April 2014 total new Light Passengers Vehicles sold in this continent have been 521.161, losing 13.9% from correspondent month last year. Year to date April sales have been 2.087.398, down 6.5% from year ago.  

Following the already negative first quarter, last month almost all major markets were declining. The worst in absolute is the poor Venezuela, fell 87.6%, the worst performance world-wide, due to the harsh political, social and economic crisis. Basically the market tends to zero and all local production has been stopped.

The second worst was Argentina, down 34.9% with the market creaking under several negative elements, including sharp increase of vehicles prices and duties and a new negative mood that government is not more able to avoid.  

The third worst market was Puerto Rico, down 22.0%, followed by Chile, down 17.1% and Brazil with a deep 11.7% loss.

Brazil is the largest auto market in South America, accounting for 60% of overall volumes and has become the fourth largest market in the world. However, after a decade of double-digit gains.Brazilian current environment is almost uncertain as the market has lost the fuel of “easy car loans” and prices are under pressure for several factors. Wishing to know more about, we suggest you to read the just published research: “Brazil Automotive Market Insight”.

Despite there was a group of growing markets their performance was just marginally better from the previous year confirming as the gold era is over, at least for this year.

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