Spain. Best selling cars ranking in the 2019

Spain Best selling cars

Spain best-selling cars ranking in the 2019 is led again by the Seat Leon while the Ibiza felt down out of the battle for leadership. In second place the Dacia Sandero at the record share followed by the solid Nissan Qashqai. The Seat Arona is climbing the ranking while the Peugeot 3008 enters into the Top 10.

Since the national Spanish manufacturer was acquired by the Volkswagen group, Spain welcomed the localization of vehicles manufacturing facilities becoming one of the most relevant production hub in Europe and in the World. The domestic consumer does not recognize Seat as the unique national brand and the market concentration is among the lowest in the entire Europe.

The best selling car ranking is characterized by a wide battle for the leadership among several models of different brands, despite the two small Seat, the Ibiza and the Leon use to be on top of the list.

Actually the leader is the Seat Leon which is quite stable in terms of market share and a part two cases (in 2014 and 2015) with share at 3.2%, controls between 2.7 and 2.8% of the market.

Spain Best selling cars

In second place the Dacia Sandero which  has gained terrain year after year scoring the best share ever in the 2019 with 2.6%. In third Nissan Qashqai controls 2.4% of share, the second best share after the 2.8% scored in the 2013.

In fourth place Renault Clio actually at 2.2%, only 0.1 point below the best share in this decade, followed by the Seat Arona, climbed in three years from the launch at 2.0%, taking space at the declining Seat Ibiza dropped at the negative record of 2.0% exactly the half of the 2010.

In seventh place the Opel Corsa at 1.7% ahead of  the Volkswagen Golf , the Peugeot 3008 and the Citroen C3.

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Rank 2019Rank 2018 Sales YTD 2019Sales November'+/- YTD 2019'+/- November
11Seat Leon33.0653.141-1,4%21,3%
23Dacia Sandero31.2412.9109,1%23,0%
34Nissan Qashqai27.8962.188-2,5%8,7%
45Renault Clio24.0191.322-8,8%-43,4%
518Seat Arona23.4191.98929,5%5,4%
62Seat Ibiza22.5301.520-23,7%-15,7%
77Volkswagen Golf21.6941.615-8,1%-3,4%
88Opel Corsa21.4651.3140,3%-12,6%
911Peugeot 300821.3511.5753,9%-23,2%
1013Citroen C319.9771.2656,1%-19,7%
1114Peugeot 20819.4201.3293,5%-6,7%
129Peugeot 200818.4841.231-12,0%-28,8%
136Volkswagen Polo18.1581.221-28,7%-37,9%
1417Renault Captur17.6421.183-3,9%113,2%
1515Renault Mégane17.1261.022-8,7%-4,2%
1610Fiat 50016.830668-19,4%119,0%
1712Peugeot 30816.6371.350-11,9%1,5%
1822Seat Ateca16.1451.2410,1%-32,7%
1919Hyundai Tucson15.9051.676-4,6%28,0%
2024Ford Focus15.7431.1814,2%-14,1%
2116Volkswagen Tiguan15.5281.261-16,7%-7,0%
2220Toyota Yaris14.533985-11,9%-34,2%
23138Peugeot Rifter14.5021.431844,8%139,3%
2425Toyota C-HR14.2952.026-2,8%35,2%
25Toyota Corolla14.1911.825
2643volkswagen T-Roc14.0681.23046,7%36,8%
2727Dacia Duster14.0571.23214,0%0,7%
2823Kia Sportage13.8641.488-11,9%21,1%
2930Ford Kuga13.0371.6849,2%84,0%
3046Hyundai Kona12.8671.29237,8%33,2%
3136Mercedes A Class12.4981.04114,9%-14,2%
3240Kia Cee’d12.04588121,8%-5,5%
3360Opel Crossland X11.73688653,5%32,2%
3431Renault Kadjar11.339581-3,9%-9,6%
3537Citroen C3 Aircross11.1566984,1%-40,0%
3655Toyota RAV411.00789534,8%92,5%
3745Kia Stonic10.5011.10412,3%46,6%
3826Opel Mokka10.46997-28,3%-89,6%
3933Hyundai i209.864718-15,6%-11,0%
4038BMW X19.3081.110-10,7%40,2%
4148Fiat 500x9.2647620,2%18,9%
4268Jeep Renegade9.25859643,3%-24,7%
4332Fiat Tipo9.141428-21,9%-39,2%
4429Opel Astra8.961795-26,6%6,3%
4539Audi A38.820573-14,6%-26,7%
4649Skoda Fabia8.747640-1,9%16,6%
4763Opel Grandland X8.72457320,6%35,8%
4847Citroen C4 Cactus8.604539-7,7%-20,6%
4942Audi A18.532511-11,8%65,9%
5054Peugeot 50088.121876-1,0%6,2%