Sweden: 2014 started with a sparkling market. BMW shines while Audi struggles.

In February 2014, accordingly with data released by BIL Sweden, the local Association of Car Manufacturers, the Swedish car market was sparkling as in the previous month, with total sales at 21.525, up 20.5% from year ago. Now, the cumulated sales figures was at 40.198, up 19.7%, really a great start of the year following the over 12% volume lost in the previous two years.

Volvo is taking in full the advantage of the strong domestic market, selling over 4k units in February and 7.7k in two months, with total share at 19.3%, down from the strong Q4 2013 while in line with 2013 average. Volkswagen in second place maintained the share above 15%  while Toyota is struggling to kept the third place under the BMW attach. Indeed in February Toyota was third, but in the two months was behind the German rival.

Audi was struggling and fell in 5th place from the third achieved in full year 2013, with share down at 5.9%. In sixth, Kia sold few units more than Skoda, while Ford, Hyundai and Mercedes were the others brands in top ten.

Volvo V70 was again the most popular vehicle in Sweden, selling 2.9k year to date with share at 7.3%, well ahead of the second, Volkswagen Passat and the third Volvo V60. Remarkable the start of the year for BMW Series 5 and 3, respectively in 7th and 8th place in February.

In the interactive table below, All Brands and best-selling models ranking:

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