Sweden Best selling cars 2016. Volvo lost leadership after 54 years

Sweden Best selling cars

Sweden Best selling cars 2016 was the Volkswagen Golf, first time for a non Volvo after 54 years. Indeed the event was due to the Volvo decision to disconnect sales of the former leader the V70.

The 2016 was the record year for the domestic vehicles market with light vehicles overtaking the 0.4 million units, first time ever, thanks to a combined all time record for both cars and lcvs segments.

In the top model ranks, the decision taken by Volvo to disconnected the production of the last 19th years market leader, the V70, left space to a sensational event, the lost of leadership for a Volvo models, first time after 54 years.

Indeed, accordingly with data released by the BIL Sweden, the Association of Car Manufacturers in Sweden, at the end of the year the new best-selling car in the market had been the Volkswagen Golf with 22.084 units (-3.1%) followed by former leader, the Volvo V70 with 19.999 units (-30.1%) and by the Volvo S/V60 with 16.755 (+14.0%).

In fourth place the Volvo XC60 with 16.266 (+9.7%) followed by the Volkswagen Passat with 15.716 (+9.2%), the Volvo V40 with 12.921 (+22.8%) and the Toyota Auris with 7.423 sales (+8.1%).

In eight place the Volkswagen Polo up 13 spots with 7.091 units (+54.7%) ahead of the Kia Cee’d with 6.778 (+0.8%) and in 10th place the Skoda Octavia with 5.889 (+30.1%),.

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Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank 2016Rank 2015BestSales 2016Sales 2015Variation 2016
12Volkswagen Golf22.08422.779-3,1%
21Volvo V7019.99928.613-30,1%
34Volvo S/V6016.75514.69814,0%
43Volvo XC6016.26614.8349,7%
55Volkswagen Passat15.71614.3929,2%
66Volvo V4012.69110.33322,8%
77Toyota Auris7.4236.8688,1%
816Volkswagen Polo7.0914.58554,7%
98Kia Cee’d6.7786.7260,8%
109Skoda Octavia5.8895.5196,7%
1114Audi A45.6844.76419,3%
1210Audi A65.5805.4961,5%
1312Skoda Fabia5.4825.1147,2%
1417BMW 5 Series5.4354.43922,4%
1515Nissan Qashqai5.1454.7578,2%
1613Toyota Yaris5.1294.7957,0%
1711BMW 3 Series4.9775.261-5,4%
1825Kia Sportage4.6253.27841,1%
1923Volkswagen Tiguan4.4923.44830,3%
2028Mercedes E Class4.1462.73451,6%
2118Renault Clio4.0334.170-3,3%
2222Audi A33.9723.6668,3%
2338Opel Astra3.6942.31059,9%
2421Ford Focus3.6123.678-1,8%
2524Renault Captur3.5763.3975,3%
2636Seat Ibiza3.4982.36448,0%
2731Toyota RAV43.4652.54036,4%
2820Peugeot 3083.2663.914-16,6%
2926Mercedes C Class3.2583.1732,7%
3030Seat Leon3.1382.56422,4%
3127Toyota Avensis3.1033.144-1,3%
3229Kia Rio3.1002.70314,7%
3341Hyundai i302.8852.05540,4%
3432Peugeot 2082.8232.50612,6%
3546Skoda Superb2.7551.87247,2%
3637Dacia Duster2.7292.34016,6%
3733Fiat 5002.7202.38813,9%
3819Mitsubishi Outlander2.6604.123-35,5%
3935BMW 1 Series2.4672.3674,2%
4034Ford Mondeo2.2792.379-4,2%
4177Peugeot 20082.2741.090108,6%
4296Renault Kadjar2.252872158,3%
4344Mercedes CLA2.1111.9478,4%
4490Mazda CX-32.006931115,5%
45165Volvo XC902.0001351381,5%
4693BMW X11.995905120,4%
4749Hyundai i201.9931.67519,0%
4843Kia Picanto1.9301.970-2,0%
4945Mini Hatch1.8741.935-3,2%
5055BMW 2 Series1.8541.53720,6%
5150Opel Corsa1.8461.63612,8%
52100Hyundai Tucson1.823763138,9%
5339Ford Fiesta1.7962.175-17,4%
5452Mercedes A Class1.7881.57713,4%
5565Audi A11.7741.28338,3%
5676Volkswagen Up!1.7651.11358,6%
5740Subaru Outback1.7582.069-15,0%
5847Audi Q51.7571.7540,2%
59114Mercedes GLC1.709581194,1%
6062Volkswagen Sharan1.6941.39921,1%
6165BMW X31.6091.28325,4%
6268Dacia Sandero1.6061.22231,4%
6373Audi Q31.4851.13930,4%
6451Renault Mégane1.4521.626-10,7%
6564Mazda CX-51.4331.3764,1%
6663Toyota Verso1.4031.3900,9%
6742Mitsubishi ASX1.3772.005-31,3%
6757BMW 4 Series1.3771.519-9,3%
6899Fiat 500x1.34483461,2%
6986Subaru XV1.33696238,9%
70226Volvo S/V901.322-#DIV/0!
7154Ford Kuga1.2931.540-16,0%
7248Honda CR-V1.2911.719-24,9%
7360Subaru Forester1.2601.455-13,4%
7459Skoda Yeti1.1981.461-18,0%
7584Suzuki Vitara1.19696623,8%
7694Citroen C31.17889831,2%
7758Honda Civic1.1761.506-21,9%
78146Kia Optima1.156218430,3%
7975Kia Sorento1.1391.1231,4%
8061BMW X41.1201.416-20,9%
8166Hyundai i401.0251.249-17,9%
8272Mercedes B Class1.0011.170-14,4%
8369Volkswagen Touran9421.196-21,2%
84106Ford S-max93765842,4%
85154Honda HR-V936167460,5%
8670Audi A59161.191-23,1%
8767Citroen C59061.244-27,2%
88112Nissan X-Trail90159651,2%
89115Toyota Prius88756357,5%
9085Citroen C4 Picasso883963-8,3%
91120Kia Soul87045989,5%
9280Kia Venga8591.029-16,5%
9383Citroen C4857985-13,0%
9492Nissan Juke854913-6,5%
9578Citroen C4 Cactus8441.059-20,3%
96126Peugeot 3008842395113,2%
97109Kia Carens83965128,9%
9882Tesla Model S837996-16,0%
9998Nissan Leaf836841-0,6%
10088Opel Insignia827948-12,8%