Sweden Best selling cars. The Top 100 in the 2018

Sweden Best selling cars

Sweden Best selling cars in 2018 has a new leader, the Volvo V/S90 which gained a huge advantage on all followers. Huge steps ahead scored by the Nissan Qashqai and the Kia Niro – up 60% – joining the Top10.

The 2018 ended with 353.647 sales – down 6.7% – and the outlook for the 2019 is negative.

A key propellent of sales acceleration is the national automotive plan, focus on alternative vehicles to fuel, with green incentives which are supporting the development of growing Electric/Hybrid vehicles segment. However, this plan moved the Swedish government to introduce a new fiscal system for the automotive industry, called bonus/malus, which was introduced in July 2018, aiming to have incentives for low emission vehicles paid by purchasers of high emission cars.

While before the new system introduction the market accelerated ending the first half at the highest level ever and a June record with sales pull ahead to anticipate new fiscal effects, since July the market started declining. At this local revolution it was added the WLTP introduction on the 1st of September.

With regard to the best selling cars ranking in 2018, on top of the list stand the Volvo V/S90 with 24.346 sales (+7.8%) and a huge advantage over the followers.

In second place the Volkswagen Golf with 17.093 units (-14.8%) followed by the Volvo S/V60 with 16.412 (+8.6%).

In fourth place the Volkswagen Passat with 13.650 (-9.3%) followed by the 2017 leader, the Volvo XC60 with 13.293 (-44.8%), the Volkswagen Tiguan with 9.821 units (-0.2%) and the Volvo V40 with 7.151 (-32.1%).

In eight place  the Nissan Qashqai with 6.344 units (+17.9%) ahead of the new Volvo XC40 with 6.175 and in 10th place the Kia Niro with 5.403 units.

Research, Consulting, Data & Forecast

F2M covers intensively this market with several products developed to help any investigation required. Market Researches in PDF are immediately available for download with study on the market since 2005 and with forecast up to the 2025. AutoData in EXCEL are immediately downloadable with annual sales volume, split by month, for all brands and all models distributed in the market. This year data are released year to date, but you will receive a monthly update until the year-end.  See details within Sweden Corner Store

Rank 2018Rank 2017ModelSales 2018Sales 2017'+/- 2018
12Volvo S/V9024.34622.5937,8%
23Volkswagen Golf17.09320.058-14,8%
34Volvo S/V6016.41215.1168,6%
45Volkswagen Passat13.65015.057-9,3%
51Volvo XC6013.29324.090-44,8%
67Volkswagen Tiguan9.8219.836-0,2%
76Volvo V407.15110.524-32,1%
813Nissan Qashqai6.3445.38317,9%
9264Volvo XC406.175-
1025Kia Niro5.4033.38259,8%
119Toyota Auris5.3876.208-13,2%
1210Skoda Octavia5.3485.794-7,7%
1312Mercedes E Class5.3025.533-4,2%
1414Toyota Yaris5.2745.356-1,5%
158BMW 5 Series5.0166.670-24,8%
1611Kia Cee’d4.7895.781-17,2%
1717Renault Clio4.7664.6612,3%
1820Volkswagen Polo4.5904.5860,1%
1918Audi A64.5594.656-2,1%
2022BMW 3 Series4.4523.88714,5%
2115Skoda Fabia4.0804.886-16,5%
2224Toyota C-HR4.0733.41519,3%
2328Toyota RAV43.6123.19213,2%
2421Audi A43.4654.468-22,4%
2544Kia Optima3.4472.62731,2%
2633Mitsubishi Outlander3.2472.86813,2%
2732Mercedes GLC3.1773.0145,4%
2826Peugeot 30083.1743.319-4,4%
2927Mercedes C Class3.0993.273-5,3%
3052Mercedes A Class2.9252.28228,2%
3123Renault Captur2.9023.441-15,7%
3235Skoda Superb2.7822.828-1,6%
33238volkswagen T-Roc2.752357762,9%
3453Skoda Kodiaq2.6902.01433,6%
3540Seat Leon2.6782.763-3,1%
3631Audi A32.6773.088-13,3%
3745Dacia Duster2.6082.6000,3%
3829Volvo XC902.5593.171-19,3%
3942Ford Focus2.4142.704-10,7%
4043BMW 1 Series2.3102.685-14,0%
4149Peugeot 20082.0182.310-12,6%
4237Kia Sportage1.9852.811-29,4%
43235Skoda Karoq1.939394871,8%
4462Audi Q51.9281.66116,1%
4557Kia Picanto1.8761.8511,4%
4655Subaru Outback1.8641.900-1,9%
4770Ford Fiesta1.8521.49424,0%
4891Nissan Leaf1.83198186,6%
4934Kia Rio1.8132.867-36,8%
5046Peugeot 3081.7992.566-29,9%
5138Peugeot 2081.7842.776-35,7%
5251Ford Kuga1.7612.283-22,9%
5367BMW X31.7311.53812,5%
5482Subaru XV1.6951.20041,3%
5569Mazda CX-51.6881.51611,3%
5647Citroen C31.6752.489-32,7%
5798Renault Zoe1.66385195,4%
5854Mini Hatch1.6471.954-15,7%
5939Opel Astra1.6142.772-41,8%
60226Seat Arona1.554582579,3%
6158Mazda CX-31.5501.842-15,9%
62139Kia Stonic1.535460233,7%
6359Mercedes CLA1.4901.819-18,1%
6485Opel Insignia1.4501.14227,0%
6574Opel Corsa1.4381.3208,9%
66137Peugeot 50081.391470196,0%
6745Renault Mégane1.3642.600-47,5%
6865BMW X11.3121.579-16,9%
6977Audi Q21.2761.279-0,2%
7081Honda Civic1.2201.231-0,9%
7162Renault Kadjar1.2121.661-27,0%
7260Seat Ibiza1.2071.697-28,9%
7378BMW 2 Series1.0951.267-13,6%
7556Toyota Avensis1.0841.885-42,5%
76111Mini Countryman1.07269354,7%
7761Hyundai i301.0701.671-36,0%
7889Nissan X-Trail1.0511.0351,5%
7983Seat Ateca1.0501.190-11,8%
8099Hyundai Ioniq99084617,0%
8173Audi A59881.345-26,5%
82140Citroen C4 Cactus982452117,3%
8364Audi A19801.629-39,8%
8488Suzuki Vitara9721.048-7,3%
8471Ford Mondeo9721.454-33,1%
8594Fiat 5009629026,7%
8699Lexus NX93984611,0%
8772Dacia Sandero9351.422-34,2%
88122Toyota Aygo93057960,6%
8963Volkswagen Sharan9131.652-44,7%
90123Fiat Tipo90057756,0%
91118Suzuki Swift88860746,3%
9266Subaru Forester8791.540-42,9%
93103Tesla Model S8778009,6%
9476Hyundai Tucson8631.312-34,2%
9592BMW 4 Series830924-10,2%
96110BMW X581769617,4%
97128BMW i380354547,3%
9890Honda CR-V769991-22,4%
99100Honda HR-V747838-10,9%
10050Hyundai i207282.293-68,3%