Sweden Best selling cars. The Top 100 in the 2019

Sweden Best selling cars

Sweden Best selling cars in July has a new leader, the Volvo V/S60 (+15%) with a significant advantage over the followers. The Kia Niro and the Mitsubishi Outlander are both registering spectacular performances.

The Swedish auto market in 2019 embarked on a very negative path, registering double-digits drops throughout all the H1, with an awful performance in June (-51.9%). In July, registrations went suddenly up 89.2%, due to a particularly depressed July 2018. However, year-to-date figures are still down a disappointing 19.5% with 191.539 units sold.

With regard to the best selling cars ranking in 2019, on top of the list stand the Volvo S/V60 with 13.001 sales (+15.6%) and a huge advantage over the followers.

In second place the Volvo S/V90 with 8.172 units (-55.2%) followed by the Volkswagen Golf with 7.619  (-28.3%).

In fourth place the Volvo XC60 with 6.654 (-35.5%) followed by the Volkswagen Tiguan with 5.372 (-27.5%), the Kia Niro with 4.751 units (+75.5%) and the Volvo V40 with 3.508 (-31.9%).

In eight place  the Volkswagen Passat with 3.506 units (-65%) ahead of Volvo XC40 with 3.481 (+4%) and in 10th place the Skoda Octavia with 3.312 units (-7.6%).

Market Outlook

After steadily growing during recent years, the Swedish market started declining in 2018 and it is seen to be unstable during the 2019-2025 period of time. Indeed, the new fiscal policy introduced by the government will continue to have a crucial impact on the market.

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Research, Consulting, Data & Forecast

F2M covers intensively this market with several products developed to help any investigation required. Market Researches in PDF are immediately available for download with study on the market since 2005 and with forecast up to the 2025. AutoData in EXCEL are immediately downloadable with annual sales volume, split by month, for all brands and all models distributed in the market. This year data are released year to date, but you will receive a monthly update until the year-end.  See details within Sweden Corner Store

Rank 2019Rank 2018ModelSales YTD July 2019Sales July 2019'+/- YTD 2019'+/-July 2019
13Volvo S/V6013.0011.37415,0%465,4%
21Volvo S/V908.1721.009-55,2%166,9%
32Volkswagen Golf7.619826-28,3%14,6%
45Volvo XC606.654856-35,5%258,2%
56Volkswagen Tiguan5.372607-27,5%86,2%
610Kia Niro4.75150875,5%-16,9%
77Volvo V403.508244-31,9%31,2%
84Volkswagen Passat3.506321-65,0%-51,6%
99Volvo XC403.4815554,0%50,8%
1012Skoda Octavia3.312444-7,6%95,6%
1116Kia Cee’d3.2925088,8%357,7%
1226Mitsubishi Outlander3.17538482,4%456,5%
1314Toyota Yaris2.984444-3,1%58,6%
14232Toyota Corolla2.870604
1513Mercedes E Class2.816285-18,1%60,1%
16232Tesla Model 32.626453
1722Toyota C-HR2.555296-0,1%75,1%
1820BMW 3 Series2.540306-13,5%157,1%
1929Mercedes C Class2.53716144,7%49,1%
2015BMW 5 Series2.472225-24,5%78,6%
2139Ford Focus2.403226110,2%98,2%
2223Toyota RAV42.402283-2,6%287,7%
2234Skoda Kodiaq2.40243536,7%601,6%
2319Audi A62.363167-14,1%-2,9%
248Nissan Qashqai2.354337-55,6%49,1%
2525Kia Optima2.14430915,8%0,0%
2617Renault Clio2.034150-25,1%163,2%
2730Mercedes A Class1.93018023,3%47,5%
2836Audi A31.76317510,7%20,7%
2921Skoda Fabia1.756205-31,8%-24,9%
3035Seat Leon1.7252649,4%153,8%
3118Volkswagen Polo1.711267-39,7%-29,0%
3237Dacia Duster1.677105-12,9%101,9%
3340BMW 1 Series1.61623425,5%532,4%
3431Renault Captur1.59797-8,0%438,9%
3543Skoda Karoq1.50816037,1%23,1%
3624Audi A41.465142-33,9%-19,8%
3757Renault Zoe1.423122177,9%-3,2%
3832Skoda Superb1.346154-29,0%275,6%
3933volkswagen T-Roc1.307111-25,7%-12,6%
40117Audi Q31.261158166,0%953,3%
4138Volvo XC901.258194-30,5%304,2%
4228Peugeot 30081.250196-42,6%142,0%
4327Mercedes GLC1.246111-42,4%-2,6%
4453BMW X31.109801,9%220,0%
4541Peugeot 20081.032130-13,9%66,7%
4663Mercedes CLA1.0061045,2%121,3%
4745Kia Picanto982139-7,8%-1,4%
4842Kia Sportage972124-29,9%217,9%
4955Mazda CX-5948102-27,0%684,6%
5044Audi Q594657-27,7%-14,9%
5149Kia Rio941114-1,9%0,9%
5258Mini Hatch917139-12,2%135,6%
5361Mazda CX-3911111-6,1%516,7%
5462Kia Stonic9101342,2%252,6%
5550Peugeot 30889594-31,5%56,7%
5660Seat Arona8921146,2%31,0%
5782Citroen C4 Cactus86720161,2%214,1%
5876Mini Countryman8628972,7%56,1%
5972Seat Ibiza858139-3,5%93,1%
6069Audi Q285159-0,2%-1,7%
6179Seat Ateca84612921,2%396,2%
6248Nissan Leaf8448447,8%35,5%
63212Hyundai Kona816666176,9%
64232volkswagen T-Cross803358
6583Audi A1782694,3%-14,8%
6697BMW i37676773,5%-14,1%
6751Peugeot 208755166-41,2%130,6%
6885Fiat 50075014660,3%78,0%
6947Ford Fiesta74162-44,8%-43,6%
7068BMW X173573-10,3%151,7%
7146Subaru Outback719137-40,6%552,4%
7271Renault Kadjar69436-25,4%300,0%
7367Renault Mégane682-30,4%-100,0%
7470Honda Civic63873-20,3%-8,8%
7593Tesla Model S6347056,2%7,7%
76108Mercedes B Class6166242,3%129,6%
7754Subaru XV60030-46,4%76,5%
7873BMW 2 Series58848-21,6%-30,4%
7984Suzuki Vitara57570-5,0%233,3%
8080Hyundai Ioniq57085-1,7%-3,4%
8187Dacia Sandero55267-13,1%1240,0%
82147Subaru Impreza54866201,1%
8398Honda CR-V5466015,9%361,5%
84232Seat Tarraco545127
8577Hyundai i3053961-38,7%1425,0%
8681Audi A552485-19,4%107,3%
8756Citroen C3481128-48,7%113,3%
8891Suzuki Swift47065-13,0%54,8%
89103Volkswagen Touareg46452-0,9%160,0%
9094Hyundai Tucson46378-40,0%3800,0%
9152Ford Kuga46295-56,2%46,2%
92107Nissan Juke46068-18,3%240,0%
9396BMW X544750-14,4%16,3%
94165Lexus IS/GS/LS/RC44340275,4%300,0%
9589Volkswagen Sharan44218-34,0%-21,7%
9688Toyota Aygo440412,6%-26,8%
9765Opel Corsa43559-40,2%-27,2%
9886Lexus NX43467-28,1%63,4%
9966Peugeot 500843290-60,4%130,8%
10090Fiat Tipo38571-22,8%446,2%