The 2014 left the swedish automotive sector in good shape.

Swedish Automotive Sector

The 2014 left the Swedish automotive sector in good shape with a double-digit increase in domestic new vehicles sales. In December Volvo share was near 25% while Nissan, Mitsubishi, Lexus and Jeep posted amazing performances.

In December 2014 according to data released by BIL Sweden, the Swedish Associations of Car Manufacturers, total new Car Passengers sold in Sweden have been 27.062, up 2.4% from the correspondent month last year, posting the 10th consecutive year on year increase.

Full Year 2014 Swedish car sales have been 303.866, up a robust 12.7% from year ago and combined with light commercial vehicles the total sales were close to the 350.000 units barrier hit in the 2011.

Volvo ended the year with an exploit with share near 25% and sales at 6.627 with the full year sales volume at 61.495, +14.4% from 2013.

In second, Volkswagen have sold 3.892 cars (-7.9% from December 2013) and Toyota (1.842 (+15.7%).

Last month of the year was amazing for Nissan (11th with 793 sales, +101.3%), Mitsubishi (18th with 394 sales, +88.5%), Lexus (24th with 151 sales, +88.8%) and Jeep (26th with 115 sales, +139.7%).

Looking at the recently introduced report on Car Groups, the leader was Volkswagen Group with 25.6% of market share, ahead of Geely Group with 24.5% and Renault-Nissan 8.5%.

As far as model ranking report, the Volvo V70 ended on top of the list with 2.730 sales (+0.8%) followed by the Volkswagen Golf with 1.499 (+66.5%) and Volvo V/S 60 with 1.436 (-19.6%).

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