Switzerland Best Selling Cars. The top 50 in the 2019

Switzerland Best Selling Cars

Switzerland Best Selling Cars ranking in May shows – on top – the unchanged leader the Skoda Octavia. The Mercedes A-Class records a huge gain, ranking 6th, immediately followed by the new Tesla Model3.


The 2019 started on the previous year’s negative tone, as January lost 3.5%, with sales at 20.925. February’s sales were still slightly negative (-0.5%) with 22.176 units. In March, however, the market turned out to be positive (+3%) with 28.958 registrations, leading to year-to-date figures at 72.065 (0%).

Sales continues their growth, in April, gaining 7.9% with 28.620 units. In May, despite the positive result (+0.8%), the market experiences a significant speed reduction with 28.060 units.

The year-to-date registrations are at 128.745, still positive trend (+1.8%).


The year-to-date best selling car in Switzerland is again the last year’s dominator, the Skoda Octavia, with 3.909 sales (+7.7%).

In second place the Volkswagen Tiguan with 2.930 (+20.3%) followed by the Volkswagen Golf with 2.669 units (-16.1%).

In fourth place the Skoda Karoq with 2.050 sales (+99.6%) ahead of the Skoda Kodiaq with 2.003 (+97.3%), the Mercedes A-Class with 1.999 units (+87.9%), the Tesla model3 with 1.991, the Mercedes GLC with 1.921 (0%), Mercedes C-Class with 1.906 (-3.8%) and the Volkswagen Polo with 1.814 (+9.1%).


Market Outlook

After fluctuating over the 2012-2018 period of time, the Swiss market is seen to be moderately growing in the 2019-2025 period. However, persisting uncertainty surrounding a possible hard Brexit and US-China tensions are forefront risks to the outlook.

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Research, Consulting, Data & Forecast

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2019 YTD
May 19
2019 Var
May 19
11Skoda Octavia3.9098527,7%1,1%
23Volkswagen Tiguan2.93070620,3%33,2%
32Volkswagen Golf2.669484-16,1%-32,1%
433Skoda Karoq2.05031399,6%41,6%
542Skoda Kodiaq2.00332997,3%57,4%
615Mercedes A Class1.99940587,9%145,5%
7Tesla model 31.991125
84Mercedes GLC1.9213990,0%9,0%
95Mercedes C Class1.9063973,8%7,3%
107Volkswagen Polo1.8143809,1%21,0%
119volkswagen T-Roc1.64948439,9%1,9%
1232Seat Ateca1.63432745,2%29,2%
138Fiat 5001.5953488,7%3,6%
1412Seat Leon1.499344-0,8%4,9%
156Audi A31.472341-4,1%-8,3%
1613Skoda Fabia1.4683792,4%30,2%
1717BMW X31.40529221,0%-8,8%
1829Mini Cooper1.362181-9,2%-40,5%
1930Ford Focus1.35429944,5%88,1%
2028Seat Alhambra1.3253564,9%17,1%
2111BMW X11.311373-15,6%7,5%
2210BMW 2 Series1.309291-17,0%-18,3%
2318Dacia Duster1.296295-4,2%-7,2%
2494Audi Q31.278438136,7%236,9%
2526Suzuki Swift1.23942522,9%105,3%
2616Dacia Sandero1.175228-15,7%-25,2%
2725Toyota Yaris1.1551945,7%-16,0%
2850Hyundai Kona1.13919143,3%49,2%
2921Ford Fiesta1.093349-5,9%28,8%
3064Volvo XC401.092234113,3%125,0%
3120Volvo XC601.065175-25,8%-30,3%
3249Subaru XV1.010580,2%-75,3%
3334Audi Q21.00921928,2%-3,1%
3471Toyota RAV497731067,0%213,1%
3527Mercedes E Class935182-20,8%-26,9%
3640BMW 1 Series92420113,2%43,6%
3737Hyundai Tucson920249-4,8%55,6%
3848Seat Ibiza908237-5,7%34,7%
3935BMW 3 Series876156-15,0%-33,0%
4062BMW X586120816,7%27,6%
4143Volkswagen Passat845248-14,4%5,5%
4244Renault MŽgane843180-16,6%-46,6%
4347Mazda CX-5837173-12,6%21,0%
4459Opel Crossland X82020517,0%19,9%
4565Nissan Qashqai8141454,6%17,9%
4623BMW 5 Series807189-28,4%-23,5%
4745Peugeot 2088052779,7%13,5%
4846Volkswagen Touran802197-20,4%-26,8%
4836Mercedes GLA802151-22,8%-30,1%
4931Renault Clio799176-20,7%-20,7%
5039Peugeot 3008793143-13,3%-19,2%