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Italy January. Jeep boomed and PSA steps ahead

Italian Autos Market up 4.4% in January keeping the momentum. Jeep boomed 108%, gaining 7 spots from 2017 and landing on top of premium segment. Peugeot and Citroen shine gaining respectively the third and the sixth place. Ford Fiesta was third.

February 14, 2018

GCC Best Selling Cars. The Top 50 in 2017

GCC Best Selling Cars ranking in the 2017 dominated by Toyota, placing five models out of the top sixth. The pick up Hilux is the number 1, followed by the Land Cruiser and the Camry. Nissan Patrol the first non-Toyota and the only model within top 10 gaining volume 

February 11, 2018

GCC Vehicles Market. Data and Trend, 2012-2017

GCC Vehicles Market in the 2017 lost 17.8% falling at 1.1 million units, down 0.7 million from the 2015 all time record. The region will keep suffer in the 2018, when customer price increase generated by VAT introduction will penalize vehicles and fuel prices. 

February 11, 2018

Italy 2017. Citroen shines in a market at best since 2008

Italian Auto Market up 7.1% in the 2017, despite losing 2% in the last month, hitting the best level since the 2008. Citroen was the fastest growing brand, thanks to the new C3, stable on podium in the second half, while Hybrids push up Toyota.

January 8, 2018

Latin America. All Markets trends in first half 2017

Americas Automotive Market in H1 2017 reported a +8% growth due to the recovery of top markets, like Argentina and Brazil. Out of the 28 countries featured by focus2move, only 5 have reported a decline, with Venezuela as worse.

August 26, 2017