General Motors

World Car Group Ranking. The top 25 in the 2017

World Car Group Ranking at the end of 2017 led by Volkswagen with 10.4 million units ahead of Toyota and Renault-Nissan. American brands are the losers, while Japanese are winners. The best performance, however, was the Chinese Geely, up 35%.

January 8, 2018

Buick Global Sales 2017 are flat

Buick Global Performance in the first eleven months of the 2017 has been flat from the previous year. Indeed the brand was able to contain the lost, due to the high dependency from the US market. The best-selling model was the Excelle.

January 2, 2018

Cadillac. Outstanding 2017 sales driven by China and XT5

Cadillac Global performance in the first eight months of the 2017 has been outstanding again following the positive score reported in the period 2010-2016. Sales in Asia - mainly in China - and success of the XT5 model are crucial for the brand performance.

October 19, 2017