Holden Commodore

Australia June. Holden is losing over 20% in a flat market

Australia Vehicles Market has lost 2.9% in June reducing the gain scored so far this year. Toyota is growing faster than immediate competitors with actual market share at 18.9%. Holder  is falling down losing two spots and Honda is the fastest

July 10, 2018

Australia 2016. New Record, second in a row

Australia Auto 2016 Hit the New All Time Record sales again, for the second year in a row despite the economic environment seems deteriorating with low data referred to the second half.

January 20, 2017

Australia market report. November 2016

Australia new vehicles sales in November decreased slightly, however the market is ready to collect the second consecutive annual record. The Toyota Hilux confirmed the leadership.

December 9, 2016

Australia market report. October 2016

Australia domestic cars market in October was steady up, sustained by the positive business confidence. Hyundai and Nissan gained one spot while the Toyota Hilux was back on top.

November 19, 2016