Czech Republic February. Skoda up 20% sustains market growth

Czech Republic Autos sales started the 2018 again in positive note albeit the expectation for current year are moderately negative. Skoda pulled up the figures booming sales by 20.2% thanks to the success of the recently introduced SUVs.

March 14, 2018

Slovakia 2017. Vehicles sales up 100.000, fourth record in a row

Slovakia Auto sales kept booming in the 2017, when for the first time hit the 100.000 units, up 8% at the fourth all time record in a string. The country is now a manufacturing hub for the sector with benefit for the domestic market. Skoda dominates.

February 10, 2018

Norway 2017. Tesla up 143% in a market up for the 5th year

Norway Cars Market hit in the 2017 the 3rd highest sales level ever, keeping the fast process to renovate vehicles with traditional combustion with AFVs, actually at 50% of the mix. The leader, Volkswagen, struggles while Tesla and Volvo are the 2017 winners.

January 11, 2018

Hungary market report. Full Year 2016

Hungarian car market raised for the sixth year in a row fueled by growing demand and internal private consumption. Suzuki jumped on top of the list thanks to the Vitara and the rest of the range.

February 5, 2017

Finland 2016. The highest sales level out of last 5 years

Finland Auto Sales 2016 hit the highest sales performance since 2012, despite the sales deceleration reported during the second semester. The Skoda Octavia kept the lead of models list, while Volkswagen was the best selling brand.>

January 18, 2017

Finland market report. November 2016

Finland Cars Market in November registered a tepid sales decline. Volkswagen maintained the first step of the podium, sustained by Golf.>

December 18, 2016

Slovakia Auto Sales in Q1 2016 at breakneck speed

Slovakia Auto Sales in Q1 2016 at breakneck speed again at record level following the recent hit scored in the full year 2015 fueled by the solid economic growth. Hyundai outpaced Volkswagen in second place.

May 8, 2016

Czech Republic Auto Market in Q1 2016 kept the pace

Czech Republic Auto Market in Q1 2016 kept the pace scoring a double-digit increase that follows the last year record. The local brand Skoda was again first, controlling the entire podium of the best selling models.

April 25, 2016

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