Skoda Fabia

Skoda. Global Sales hit a new record in 2017

Skoda Global Performance in 2017 again at record thanks to the launch of the SUV Kodjaq, which balanced sales lost by the top model Octavia. At regional level the brand is expanding the presence in new markets.

March 17, 2018

Czech Republic February. Skoda up 20% sustains market growth

Czech Republic Autos sales started the 2018 again in positive note albeit the expectation for current year are moderately negative. Skoda pulled up the figures booming sales by 20.2% thanks to the success of the recently introduced SUVs.

March 14, 2018

Czech Republic 2017. Toyota the star in a record market

Czech Republic Autos sales in 2017 hit the new all time record both in cars and lcvs segment, keeping an amazing series of records. Skoda takes the 30% plus market share with new SUV Karoq already in the top ten. Toyota was the star of the year, up 45%.

January 12, 2018

Czech Republic Auto Market in Q1 2016 kept the pace

Czech Republic Auto Market in Q1 2016 kept the pace scoring a double-digit increase that follows the last year record. The local brand Skoda was again first, controlling the entire podium of the best selling models.

April 25, 2016