Taiwan best selling cars. The Top 50 of 2018

Taiwan Best Selling Cars

Taiwan Best Selling Cars ranking in May shows the Toyota RAV4 – up an astonishing 98.9% – as the new leader, while the Toyota Corolla ranks second. The Nissan Kicks records an outstanding performance, entering the podium.


The 2019 started negatively in January with 44.143 sales (-8.1%) and worsening in February with 19.640 (-27.2%) influenced by the Lunar New Year which fell earlier.

In March, the market followed the previous months’ trend, going down 16.4% with 29.632 units. The year-to-date sales are -14.6% with 88.600 registrations.

In April, sales showed a positive outcome (+4.7%) with 32.991 registrations, while in May the market reached +10% with 35.212 units.

However, the year-to-date trend is still negative (-6.4%) with 156.803 units.


As far as the best-selling cars ranking, the arrival of new competitors has not changed the establishment of the market.

The new market leader is the Toyota RAV4 with 10.657 sales, up 30.8% from previous year.

In second place, just few units below, the Toyota Corolla with  10.312 (-20.2%) followed by the Nissan Kicks with 6.554 (+13008%). 

In fourth place the CMC Veryca with 6.520 (+7.8%) ahead of the Toyota Yaris with 6.282 (+27.6%), the Honda CR-V with 6.183 (-26.7%), the Toyota Sienta with 5.661 (-26.3%), the Honda HR-V with 3.632 (-5.9%), the Mercedes C-Class with 3.620 (+10.9%) and in 10th place the Ford Focus with 3.475 (+65.3%).

2019 YTD
May 19
2019 Var
May 19
12Toyota RAV410.6572.82030,8%98,9%
21Toyota Corolla10.3122.883-20,2%48,2%
343Nissan Kicks6.5541.44213008,0%14320,0%
45CMC Veryca6.5201.2767,8%21,5%
56Toyota Yaris6.2821.11627,6%-5,3%
63Honda CR-V6.1831.326-26,7%-38,7%
74Toyota Sienta5.6611.077-26,3%-27,4%
87Honda HR-V3.632762-5,9%36,6%
915Mercedes C Class3.62077410,9%-0,8%
1025Ford Focus3.4751.11165,3%255,0%
118Toyota Vios3.461654-16,9%-16,9%
1212CMC Zinger3.362759-8,6%2,6%
139Mitsubishi Delica3.245633-17,5%-9,4%
1424Toyota Camry2.39740028,6%35,1%
1510Mazda CX-52.189466-31,2%-36,5%
1626Toyota C-HR2.16746268,0%80,5%
1711Nissan Tiida2.056446-44,4%-24,0%
1844Lexus ES2.034383183,3%192,4%
1918Volkswagen Tiguan1.987385-23,2%23,0%
2027Lexus RX1.9124747,6%13,9%
2129Mitsubishi Colt Plus1.797394-2,9%13,5%
2219Mercedes GLC1.796614-11,9%6,4%
2313Nissan Livina1.793381-54,7%-46,0%
2417Nissan X-Trail1.789347-37,3%-51,2%
2551Toyota Auris1.737371
2620Ford Kuga1.705324-33,9%-21,0%
2728Mitsubishi Outlander1.697372-3,5%-9,5%
2823Honda Fit1.568282-24,1%-30,7%
2916Lexus NX1.549193-56,1%-70,8%
3022Mercedes E Class1.441356-40,2%-18,7%
3132Hyundai Elantra1.351243-13,7%-6,5%
3230Suzuki Swift1.296224-23,4%-31,7%
3333Subaru Forester1.282341-8,0%16,0%
3449Hyundai Porter1.147231358,8%65,0%
3535Hyundai Tucson1.128376-20,8%37,7%
3634Mazda CX-31.052240-11,3%35,6%
3721Nissan Sentra1.049189-60,2%-60,3%
3845BMW 3 Series99822436,5%89,8%
39Kia Picanto952113
4037BMW 5 Series946217-29,6%-19,6%
4153Mercedes A Class9282065,5%182,2%
4242Volkswagen Golf924241-20,7%52,5%
4441Honda Odyssey897167-32,8%-50,3%
4561Mercedes V Class8271196,7%-16,2%
4648Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross815153-6,2%0,7%
4764Ford Ranger76714322,1%3,6%
4895Toyota Alphard76628441,3%255,0%
4947Mitsubishi Lancer761244-29,9%13,5%
5036Mitsubishi Canter737--47,2%-100,0%