Taiwan car sales in September have been flat.

Taiwan car sales

Taiwan car sales in September have been flat. The industry is still moderately growing albeit the economy was still weak and adverse weather conditions hit the country in September.

Market Outlook

Taiwan’s economy returned to positive annual growth in Q2 after three consecutive quarters of contraction.

The upturn was mainly the result of a 0.6 percentage-point contribution from net trade as exports began to benefit from an improvement in the external environment, particularly due to the stabilization in China’s economy.

The automotive industry is moderately growing albeit in September was hit by the effects of natural disasters with a flat performance year on year.

According to the data released by the T.T.V.M.A., the Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturing Association, the new vehicles sold in August and September have been respectively 22.874 (-0.2%) and 25.226 (+0.0%) while the year to date figure is positive with 315.415 sales, up 1.4%.

Competitive Arena

In the last month, the leader Toyota has registered 5.327 vehicles (+13.7%) and was followed by Nissan with 4.943 units (-7.2%), ahead of Mitsubishi with 3.936, Nissan with 3.599 and Mercedes with 2.161.

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