Taiwan market report. November 2016

Taiwan Cars Market in November 2016

Taiwan Cars Market in November recovered the sales losses of the previous month, thanks to the robust economic growth. Nissan outpaced Mitsubishi while the Toyota Yaris was in 3rd place.

Market Outlook

The full breakdown for Q3’s GDP reading showed that domestic demand drove the strengthening of Taiwan’s economy. Monthly data suggest economic growth will remain robust in the closing quarter of the year. The manufacturing PMI continued its recovery and reached an over two-year high in November, while exports grew at their fastest pace since January 2013.

Thr domestic cars sales in November grew moderately, recovering partially the negative performance of the previous month.

According to the data released by the T.T.V.M.A., the Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturing Association, the new vehicles sold in November have been respectively 36.781 (+5.5%) while the year to date figure is positive with 392.400 sales, up 3.8%.

Competitive Arena

In the last month, the leader Toyota has registered 10.727 vehicles (-1.7%) and was followed by Nissan with 3.790 units (+0.7%), ahead of Mitsubishi with 3.519 (+9.5%), Honda with 2.440 (+13.1%) and Mazda with 2.127 (+15.5%).

As far as the best-selling models performance, the Toyota Corolla led the competition with 3.643 sales (-7.9%) followed by the Toyota RAV4 with 2.522 (+21.8%), the Toyota Yaris with 1.301 (-3.3%), the Mazda 3 with 1.069 (+10.4%) and the Nissan Tiida with 1.029 (+4.5%).

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank NovRank 2016BrandSales NovSales 2016Var NovVar 2016Share NovShare 2016

Rank NovRank 2016ModelSales NovemberSales 2016Variation 2016Variation YTD 2016
11Toyota Corolla3.64339.309-7,9%6,7%
22Toyota RAV42.52218.92621,8%18,8%
33Toyota Yaris1.30113.495-3,3%0,7%
56Nissan Tiida1.02910.9184,5%-2,6%
65CMC Veryca92312.7012,7%30,8%
78Honda CR-V9129.4713,9%-11,5%
812Toyota Vios9068.63211,7%-1,8%
911Nissan X-Trail8988.955-10,1%31,2%
1010Nissan Livina7739.0316,8%6,7%
114Toyota Wish72012.825-33,5%3,5%
129Mitsubishi Delica7039.07610,4%16,7%
1353Honda HR-V6941.542
1414Ford Focus6857.33962,7%-10,8%
1513Luxgen U6 Turbo6457.389-6,3%-19,8%
1616CMC Zinger6346.55112,8%37,7%
1715Nissan Sentra5856.691-0,8%-9,4%
1817Toyota Camry5496.465-21,3%-23,9%
1920Ford Kuga5355.15010,3%-11,0%
2021Mazda CX-55235.00038,4%6,5%
2119Mercedes C Class5005.475-2,7%14,5%
2223Lexus RX4604.57147,0%107,4%
2330BMW 5 Series4423.10751,4%-14,1%
2424Mitsubishi Outlander4374.327105,2%-12,0%
2529Hyundai Tucson4193.134
2625Mercedes E Class4124.213-2,8%-5,9%
27102Toyota Sienta398398
2842Hyundai Elantra3782.20084,4%-25,8%
2922Honda Fit3634.770-32,9%-25,4%
3028Subaru Forester3373.29859,0%6,7%
3151Volkswagen Tiguan3161.658532,0%26,1%
3234Mazda CX-33122.593
3331BMW 3 Series2962.900-9,2%-8,4%
3436Lexus NX2812.54728,3%-22,7%
3543Volkswagen Golf2782.12674,8%-8,3%
3538Ford Fiesta2782.50733,7%-17,4%
3627Mitsubishi Colt Plus2673.5681,5%-7,8%
3732Lexus ES2642.706-13,7%23,6%
3845Mercedes GLC2541.988
3926Honda City2523.69050,0%135,8%
4035Luxgen M7 Turbo2312.589-2,5%-11,4%