Taiwan market report. October 2016

Taiwan Vehicles Sales in October 2016

Taiwan Vehicles Sales in October were down moderately pushing up the market slightly. Mitsubishi outpaced the rival Nissan with a narrow gap in sales while the Toyota RAV4 shined.

Market Outlook

The economy continues to show resilience as the year draws to an end. Preliminary Q3 data showed a further strengthening of the economy largely driven by domestic demand. Continued improvements in manufacturing and exports should ensure positive momentum in the final quarter of the year as exports improved again in October and the manufacturing PMI rose to the highest level in more than two years.

As regard the domestic vehicles sales, following the flat performance of September, in October the registrations decreased moderately, pushing up the market slightly.

According to the data released by the T.T.V.M.A., the Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturing Association, the new vehicles sold in October have been respectively 29.545 (-7.5%) while the year to date figure is positive with 344.960 sales, up only 0.5%.

Competitive Arena

In the last month, the leader Toyota has registered 10.152 vehicles (+27.4%) and was followed by Mitsubishi with 3.654 units (+0.4%), ahead of Nissan with 3.564 (+25.6%), Honda with 2.321 (-12.4%) and Mazda with 2.195 (+1.9%).

As far as the Car Groups performance, the leader was Toyota Group with 34.4% of market share, ahead of Mitsubishi with 12.4%, Nissan with 12.1% and Honda with 7.9%.

As far as the best-selling models performance, the Toyota Corolla led the competition with 3.723 sales (+18.2%) followed by the Toyota RAV4 with 2.523 (+242.8%), the Mazda 3 with 1.162 (+33.0%), the CMC Veryca with 1.098 (-4.4%) and the Toyota Yaris with 1.019 (+1.6%).

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank OctRank 2016BrandSales OctSales 2016Var OctVar 2016Share OctShare 2016

Rank OctRank 2016GroupSales OctSales 2016Var OctVar 2016Share OctShare 2016
65Mercedes Daimler2.07520.71014,8%16,5%7,0%6,0%
810Yulon Motor1.36413.61741,2%23,6%4,6%3,9%

Rank OctRank 2016ModelSales OctoberSales YTD 2016October Variation2016 YTD Variation
11Toyota Corolla3.72335.66618,2%8,5%
22Toyota RAV42.52316.404242,8%18,4%
45CMC Veryca1.09811.778-4,4%33,7%
53Toyota Yaris1.01912.1941,6%1,1%
66Nissan Tiida9039.88917,0%-3,3%
779Honda HR-V848848
84Toyota Wish84212.105-12,5%7,0%
910Nissan Livina7338.25817,8%6,7%
99Mitsubishi Delica7338.373-15,6%17,3%
1011Nissan X-Trail6778.057-0,3%38,2%
118Honda CR-V6628.559-24,3%-12,8%
1114Ford Focus6626.654-40,1%-14,7%
1212Toyota Vios5977.726-6,1%-3,1%
1313Luxgen U6 Turbo5896.74412,2%-20,9%
1416CMC Zinger5885.917-4,9%41,1%
1524Mitsubishi Outlander5763.890188,0%-17,3%
1619Mercedes C Class5544.975-5,6%16,6%
1715Nissan Sentra5446.10624,2%-10,1%
1823Lexus RX4764.111117,4%
1917Toyota Camry4755.916-22,6%-24,1%
2025Mercedes E Class3693.801-7,8%-6,3%
2121Mazda CX-53684.477-54,1%3,7%
2136Mazda CX-33682.281
2229Hyundai Tucson3552.715
2318Toyota Innova3385.810-25,4%18,5%
2422Honda Fit3374.407-35,1%-24,7%
2530BMW 5 Series3272.665-5,8%-19,8%
2632Lexus ES3182.44217,8%29,7%
2737Lexus NX3062.26650,0%-26,3%
2851Volkswagen Tiguan3031.527506,0%20,7%
2928Subaru Forester2712.96148,1%2,9%
3031BMW 3 Series2512.60411,6%-8,3%
3126Honda City2503.43820,2%146,1%
3247Lexus IS2271.74931,2%125,7%
3346Nissan March2201.797101,8%23,2%
3427Mitsubishi Colt Plus2083.301-14,4%-8,5%
3544Hyundai Elantra2031.822-30,7%-33,9%
3635Honda Odyssey2022.322-72,1%57,6%
3738Ford Fiesta2002.22915,6%-21,2%
3840BMW 2 Series1831.997-34,6%0,1%
3948Mercedes GLC1791.734
4043Volkswagen Golf1721.84835,4%-14,4%