Taiwan June. Sales down 5% as economic growth moderates

Taiwanese Vehicles Sales Honda-Fit-2018

Taiwanese Vehicles Sales were 37.527 in June, down 6.4% keeping the moderate speed started in January. Honda and Mitsubishi are shining and the leader, Toyota which struggled last month. Mercedes the leader in the premium segment.

Taiwanese economic growth momentum likely moderated slightly in Q2 from Q1’s solid performance, due to a cyclical downturn in external demand affecting manufacturing output. In May, the manufacturing PMI reached an 11-month low as new orders slowed, dampening business confidence and employment growth. Trade data for Q2 shows a mixed trend so far, with cyclically weak global demand for smartphones and computers but otherwise robust dynamics, especially for electronics.

Taiwanese vehicles market in recent years grew up with a series of all-time record and after outpacing the 400.000 annual units in the 2014 is actually running towards the milestone of half a million. On this road, during the 2017 sales hit the new all time record, the second in a row, with 443.465 units sold (+1.6% ), according to the data released by the T.T.V.M.A., the Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturing Association.

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Taiwanese Vehicles industry started the 2018 fueled by a strong economic momentum. Light vehicles sales in January have been 46.629 (+4.8%), in February 26.746 (+12.6%) and in March 39.350 (+3.4%) ending the first quarter at 113.965, up 5.8%. In April sales were 34.415 (+1.1%), in May 35.686 (+1.0%) and in June 37.527 (-6.4%) with Year to Date  figures at 221.831 (+2.2%).

At brand-wise, the market leader is Toyota selling 53.301 vehicles year to date (-6.7%) with 24.0% of market share.

In second place Honda with 20.548 (+26.6%) ahead of Nissan with 18.192 units (-15.8%), Mercedes with 15.353 (+8.9%), Mitsubishi with 13.214 (+15.0%), CMC with 11.596 (-3.4%), Mazda with 10.972 (+7.3%) and Lexus with 8.976 (+8.9%).

At model-wise, the best-selling model was the Toyota Corolla with 15.401 sales (-23.7%) followed by the Honda CR-V with 10.082 (+124%) the Toyota Rav4 with 9.648 (-10.2%) and the new Toyota Sienta with 9.021 (+18.5%).

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Rank 2018Rank 2017BrandSales 2018Sales JuneVariation 2018Variation JuneShare 2018Share June

Rank 2018Rank 2017MODELSales H1 2018Sales JunVariation H1 2018Variation Jun
11Toyota Corolla15.4012.480-23,7%-36,5%
28Honda CR-V10.0821.648124,3%28,8%
32Toyota RAV49.6481.502-10,2%-12,9%
43Toyota Sienta9.0211.34518,5%-9,7%
54CMC Veryca7.1421.094-1,7%-16,2%
67Toyota Yaris6.1951.272-2,4%2,1%
713Toyota Vios5.06590212,1%4,3%
89Nissan Livina4.919959-10,9%1,8%
95Honda HR-V4.9121.052-31,6%-18,6%
1012Mitsubishi Delica4.697766-6,0%-14,3%
116Nissan Tiida4.612911-25,7%-9,2%
1211CMC Zinger4.454775-5,9%-16,2%
1421Lexus NX3.97845230,9%68,7%
1417Mercedes C Class3.97871422,9%32,0%
1523Mazda CX-53.807625139,0%58,2%
1615Nissan X-Trail3.499647-14,3%-9,9%
1719Nissan Sentra3.0884554,1%-2,6%
1831Volkswagen Tiguan3.03845034,4%58,5%
1914Ford Kuga2.963383-23,4%-42,1%
2022Mercedes E Class2.8234156,1%-19,9%
2120Luxgen U6 Turbo2.756280-4,4%-36,2%
2229Honda Fit2.57551031,9%16,2%
2326Mercedes GLC2.57253311,7%10,4%
2416Ford Focus2.392290-38,7%-57,2%
2533Mitsubishi Colt Plus2.28343260,0%19,7%
2618Toyota Camry2.263399-27,7%-28,9%
2724Lexus RX2.229452-3,8%5,9%
2825Mitsubishi Outlander2.215456-10,4%-25,4%
2938Luxgen U52.134215
3072Suzuki Swift2.012321295,3%191,8%