Toyota and Volkswagen Groups have equal global cumulative sales at August.

Toyota and Volkswagen

Toyota and Volkswagen Groups have equal global cumulative sales at August thanks to the impressive Toyota recovery in July and August while Volkswagen has been heavily penalized by Chinese underperformance.

Following a rapid growth scored in the period January-April ended with a gap of 1730.000 units, Volkswagen Group reduced the sped from May and in June has lost the leadership, outpaced by Toyota.

Indeed the Volkswagen advantage in May was reduced at only 18.000 units, but in June the German Group have sold globally 835.800 light vehicles while Toyota Group (Toyota + Lexus +Daihatsu brands) 863.427.

In addition, preliminary data regarding July are really positive for Toyota with a very narrow year to date gap between the two contenders. Projections for August are again in favor of Toyota that should have taken back the rival in the annual sales.

According to our research team, at the end of August Volkswagen Group sales worldwide had been 6.569.547 while Toyota’s are 6.568.834: very exciting!

Albeit a positive trend all over the world. Volkswagen’s Group performance is penalized since April by the Chinese subsidiary with sharp sales decline (only in July -25%) while Toyota is gaining in China.

If current Chinese trend will not change, Toyota is going to take back the global leadership in the light vehicles (no trucks, no busses included) market lost in the 2014.

Data are sourced by Focus2move Mobility Database, aggregated with global light vehicles sales in over 120 countries sourced by over 240 different providers.

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