Toyota Corolla hits New All Time Record Sales on top of best-selling cars ranking

best-selling cars ranking

Toyota Corolla hits all-time Record Sales on top of best-selling cars ranking with global registrations above 1.2 million almost 0.2 million more than Ford Focus. See all models above half million sales.

The 2014 confirmed the absolute leadership of Toyota Corolla on top of the World with new all-time record sales.

Over 1.2 million Corollas sold in over 150 markets in the world in the sedan, hatchback and (just few) wagon derivative. The Japanese model increased sales 2.1% from the previous year, growing for the eight year in a string.

Out of the 12 months of the year, Toyota was the best for ten months. Just in March it was outpaced by Ford Focus and in September by Volkswagen Golf.

Ford Focus was second again, for the 5th consecutive year. Although sales were again above 1 million, they fell 7.3%, with the second half loss in double digit.

As we anticipated few months ago, rather than looking at the leadership, the Focus should look on its shoulder. If during the 2013, Focus in all months had been or first or second, in the 2014 in three month slipped in third place. And these three were out of last four.

Born in 1976, with a high recognizable style, attractive more for the name than for the forms, the Volkswagen Golf became really global with the seventh generation and during the 2014 has progressively increased its monthly retails, with a full year volume not far from the 1 million units and with the first place scored in September.

The 2014 improvement was impressive, with sales up 29.7% gaining 6 steps in the global ranking.

In the last quarter Volkswagen Golf was second, selling 18.000 units more than the Focus.

In the World just 20 light vehicles have sold more than half a million units. The fastest growing was the Chinese Wuling Hongguang a mini-bus very popular its country, that boomed sales 67.2% and was 7th with three quarter of million sales.

Toyota Yaris (20th with 511.000 sales, +33.5%) is the other winner of the year, thanks to a more capillary distribution across the world.

In the next days, we will publish the Best-selling 100 Cars in the World and then the Best-selling 500 Cars in the World. Meantime, please read below the list of all models above half a million sales.

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Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank 2014Rank 2013ModelSales 2014Sales 20132014 Y.o.Y. Var.Oct '14Nov '14Sales Dec
11Toyota Corolla1.223.2531.197.6152,1%101.076109.263108.705
22Ford Focus1.025.0811.105.539-7,3%79.11375.30877.635
39Volkswagen Golf952.144734.19429,7%91.33584.95274.669
43Ford F-Series898.781899.533-0,1%74.21769.56585.970
54Hyundai Elantra808.189874.316-7,6%63.32964.74136.588
65Toyota Camry763.804788.908-3,2%61.96553.41458.058
724Wuling Hongguang750.019448.48067,2%60.50069.80875.900
86Honda CR-V728.821748.228-2,6%61.06476.15272.041
98Chevrolet Cruze706.172735.395-4,0%56.28858.53563.298
107Ford Fiesta693.908744.118-6,7%51.92147.37537.173
1110Volkswagen Polo684.805691.516-1,0%63.37754.81153.725
1216Toyota RAV4627.400548.53514,4%53.20751.93461.534
1313Volkswagen Jetta611.331593.7923,0%52.07850.90353.753
1411Honda Civic610.428673.652-9,4%48.18842.13344.770
1514Honda Accord595.702587.5541,4%48.17145.61269.654
1617Chevrolet Silverado592.642538.96310,0%52.50248.66264.892
1712Toyota Hilux574.526639.115-10,1%48.24158.67033.308
1815Volkswagen Passat540.943564.500-4,2%43.92138.37836.944
1919Buick Excelle539.403500.4577,8%40.92941.75051.887
2030Toyota Yaris511.766383.35433,5%44.10843.98737.766

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