Tunisia 2016. New all time record!

Tunisia Auto Sales 2016

Tunisia Auto Sales 2016 at the new all time record, the third in a row, albeit the end of the year was shy, with the fourth quarter down. Isuzu shines on top of the ranking.

Market Outlook

The latest data for Q3 GDP growth point to a feeble Tunisian economy. Economic activity slowed down from the same quarter of the previous year mainly due to a higher-than-expected downturn in the agricultural sector, in particular in the key olive industry. Moreover, industrial production was almost stagnant in the three months to September, since poor demand from the EU and continuous labor unrest are hampering important industrial sectors.

The government’s inclusion of severe austerity measures in the 2017 budget, which was passed at the end of 2016, has exacerbated social and political turmoil in the country.

However, the domestic new vehicles market kept the positive path, albeit a weak Q4 performance, ending the 2016 at the new all time record, the third in a row.

Indeed, according to the data release by the local Association of Car Distributors, total vehicles sales had been 59.845, up 8.2% from the previous record.

In addition to this “official” data, the parallel import kept robust with over 6.000 of new vehicles imported, mainly for European brands.

Competitive Arena

Market leader was Isuzu, with 6.064 sales (+61.5%), grabbing the leadership just in the last quarter to the former leader, Volkswagen, arrived second with 6.016 sales (+10.6%). Third was Kia with 5.367 (+27.3%)

In fourth place Citroen with 5.290 sales  (-46.4%) ahead of Peugeot with 4.690 (-10.7%), Renault with 4.303 (+1.8%) and Hyundai with 3.706 (+22.2%).

As far as the Groups performance, the leader was PSA with 17.6% of market share, ahead of Volkswagen with 15.6%, Hyundai-Kia with 15.1% and Renault-Nissan with 12.8%.

As far as the best-selling models performance, the Isuzu D-Max led the competition with 4.807 sales (+48.1%) followed by the Volkswagen Polo with 1.951 (-5.9%), the Kia Picanto with 1.518 (+94.4%), the Volkswagen Golf with 1.352 (+12.1%) and the Renault Clio with 1.314 (-7.4%).

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Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank 2016Rank 2015BRANDSales 2016Sales 2015Variation 2016Share 2016Share 2015

Rank DecRank 2016ModelSales DecemberSales 2016Variation DecemberVariation 2016
11Isuzu D-Max6474.807-3,3%48,1%
32Volkswagen Polo2381.951-5,6%-5,9%
153Kia Picanto721.518-67,4%94,4%
94Volkswagen Golf1051.35256,7%12,1%
165Kia Rio691.342-42,0%-16,1%
496Renault Clio171.3140,0%-7,4%
207Seat Ibiza631.3060,0%-1,3%
48Citroen Berlingo2171.238-18,7%-61,4%
29Hyundai Grand i102771.130259,7%3,8%
810Ford Fiesta1201.084-4,4%