Turkey best selling cars. The top 100 in the 2018

Turkey best selling cars

Turkey best selling cars ranking in 2018 is still led by the Fiat Egea, despite a great start from the main rival, the Renault Megane, losing speed during last months. The Honda Civic gains the 4th position ahead of the Toyota Corolla.

In the 2018, worsening on economic and social environment, huge inflation and currency depreciation hit the domestic demand even in the automotive sector. Indeed, sales started falling in April with double-digit drops, keeping the negative trend for the rest of the year. Thus, the 2018 registered the lowest volume since 2009, ending the year with 620.937 units, down a disappointing 35.1%.

The Fiat Egea is again the market leader, following the two years of leadership (both in 2016 & 2017), with 36.649 sales (-23.2%).

Second was the Renault Megane which sales have been 31.502 (-27.5%). This mode performed with a disappointing score in recent months, progressively eroding the wide gap gained in the start of the year and finally been overtaken by the main rival, the Fiat Egea.

In third place the Renault Clio with 26.460 units (-28.8%).

In fourth place the Honda Civic, up 7 spots, with 25.139 units (+31%).

Behind, the Toyota Corolla with 23.576 (-11.5%) and the Volkswagen Passat with 22.322 sales (-24.7%).

In seventh place the Nissan Qashqai with 14.962 (-24.4%) followed by the Dacia Duster with 12.951 units (-23.7%), the Ford Focus with 10.722 (-41.3%)  and in 10th place by the Opel Astra, up 6 spots, with 12.409 (-54.1%).

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Rank 2018Rank 2017ModelSales 2018Sales 2017'+/- 2018
11Fiat Egea36.64947.704-23,2%
22Renault Mégane31.50243.480-27,5%
33Renault Clio26.46037.161-28,8%
412Honda Civic25.13919.19531,0%
56Toyota Corolla23.57626.650-11,5%
64Volkswagen Passat22.32229.627-24,7%
711Nissan Qashqai14.96219.771-24,3%
815Dacia Duster12.95116.970-23,7%
98Ford Focus12.93322.038-41,3%
105Opel Astra12.40927.059-54,1%
1116Peugeot 30111.87315.813-24,9%
127Renault Symbol11.66822.052-47,1%
139Hyundai i2011.15320.631-45,9%
1410Volkswagen Polo9.89220.484-51,7%
1513Dacia Sandero9.18618.706-50,9%
1614Volkswagen Golf8.70618.102-51,9%
1731Peugeot 30088.0636.39526,1%
1825Skoda Superb7.8718.423-6,6%
1923Skoda Octavia7.2509.142-20,7%
2017Hyundai Accent6.47911.947-45,8%
2128Hyundai Tucson6.3137.697-18,0%
2224Volkswagen Tiguan6.2688.847-29,2%
2321Seat Leon6.09910.350-41,1%
2418Mercedes C Class5.86111.646-49,7%
2520Citroen C-Elysée5.49810.903-49,6%
2622Audi A35.2099.227-43,5%
2736Ford Kuga4.4365.204-14,8%
2850Nissan X-Trail4.3073.24332,8%
2937Hyundai Elantra4.1575.075-18,1%
3035Nissan Micra3.7865.267-28,1%
3130Dacia Dokker3.7256.456-42,3%
3233Toyota C-HR3.6916.278-41,2%
3332Mercedes E Class3.6346.327-42,6%
3438Renault Kadjar3.5805.063-29,3%
3529Opel Corsa3.3267.514-55,7%
3627BMW 5 Series3.2887.970-58,7%
3739Audi A43.0944.786-35,4%
3841BMW 3 Series3.0344.337-30,0%
3946Kia Sportage2.8153.845-26,8%
4044Dacia Lodgy2.6844.027-33,3%
4156Skoda Fabia2.5152.637-4,6%
4240Honda CR-V2.5124.357-42,3%
4349Kia Cerato2.4423.273-25,4%
4445Suzuki Vitara2.3613.924-39,8%
4548Renault Captur2.3253.325-30,1%
4676Volvo S602.2361.16891,4%
4734Opel Insignia2.2355.780-61,3%
4842Seat Ibiza2.2144.237-47,7%
4951BMW 1 Series2.1373.099-31,0%
5064Mercedes A Class1.9532.113-7,6%
51202Skoda Karoq1.926-
5226Fiat Linea1.8588.337-77,7%
5343Ford Fiesta1.8234.219-56,8%
5465Jeep Renegade1.6411.960-16,3%
5519Volkswagen Jetta1.62011.420-85,8%
5653Toyota Yaris1.5843.083-48,6%
5754Audi A61.5662.674-41,4%
5873BMW X11.5341.18929,0%
59116Opel Grandland X1.494330352,7%
6047Toyota Auris1.4613.650-60,0%
6158Kia Rio1.4162.467-42,6%
6261Peugeot 20081.3932.248-38,0%
6362Dacia Logan MCV1.3722.211-37,9%
6474Volvo V401.3681.18115,8%
6557Audi A51.3412.491-46,2%
6655Nissan Juke1.3182.654-50,3%
6771Peugeot 3081.2981.766-26,5%
6887Seat Ateca1.17086435,4%
6952Opel Mokka X1.1373.095-63,3%
7093Peugeot 50081.08367660,2%
7179Audi Q21.0481.084-3,3%
7267Skoda Kodiaq1.0091.944-48,1%
7359Peugeot 2089812.383-58,8%
7470Hyundai i109561.809-47,2%
7563Citroen C39002.188-58,9%
76114volkswagen Arteon832345141,2%
7766Renault Talisman8231.950-57,8%
78202Ford Ecosport811-
7968Hyundai i308031.942-58,7%
8069Mercedes CLA7821.911-59,1%
8160Skoda Rapid7692.354-67,3%
82113BMW X3766353117,0%
8395Mini Countryman76365017,4%
8472BMW 4 Series7451.207-38,3%
85202Hyundai Kona740-
8681Citroen C4 Cactus738963-23,4%
8778Mercedes GLC7191.098-34,5%
8892Subaru XV7186835,1%
89141Jeep Compass715139414,4%
90146Seat Arona703113522,1%
9196Volvo XC9069960615,3%
9285Volvo XC60681906-24,8%
9384Honda Jazz654912-28,3%
9488Subaru Forester609803-24,2%
9590BMW X5570767-25,7%
9775Mercedes GLA5331.180-54,8%
9898Volvo S90499599-16,7%
99110Renault Koleos49438129,7%
100129Suzuki Baleno443221100,5%